Pran Agro Ltd in Ekdala, Natore of Bangladesh

Natore Agro Limited (PRAN Group) Expansion of food processing operations. Founded in 1981 as a processor of fruits and vegetables, PRAN Group is currently the largest food and nutrition company in Bangladesh, with more than 40,000 employees, more than 200 different products and exports to 94 countries. Natore Agro Limited, a new subsidiary, was created by the group to expand food processing and manufacturing operations. The expansion is funded by the IFC and GAFSP and aims to introduce new products to the group’s portfolio. The new operations are expected to create over 1,200 new jobs and increase the income of thousands of small farmers in the country, who are suppliers to the group. These new hires will also contribute to reducing unemployment and under employment rates and will boost the economy of Natore, and Rajshahi division.