Planet Rock: Bangladesh, Part 2.

Planet Rock, Bangladesh Episode One My travels through the country of Bangladesh and my extensive stay in the capital city of Dhaka. Bangladesh is one of the most populated countries in the world according to square mileage. Total estimated population 118 million. Density of population per sq. mile is 7,656. Part 1. The Words of a Rickshaw Driver Bangladesh is considered the 'Rickshaw Capital of the World'. There are an estimated 500,000 to 750,000 Rickshaws in the capital city Dhaka. As I was filming a piece a paper fell from a Rickshaw... this is what it read... Part 1. The Call to Evening Pray in Dhaka There are about five calls to pray everyday... the first one is at 5:30am and the last is around 5:30pm. Part 1. Find River Find Village Give Camera While filming my travels I am followed by dozens of children curious about what I am doing and why I would want to take pictures of their world. This time I let them do the filming... of course, after a few quick lessons. With the help of my uncle and a chartered boat we try to find the future directors of Bollywood. Salim, Sayden, Azir Muhammad and their posse show me and film the village of Derma Dhat (Ghat) It's amazing what children can do... Part 2. Dhaka Fast Dhaka Furious South Asia has some of the worst traffic and the craziest drivers (and at times the best) in the world. Filming my driver, Shuman, skills as he drives 100km per hour (avg) though Dhaka (in fast forward). I will never worry about NYC cab drivers skills next time I hail a taxi... just put on the seat belt. Here is a little taste.... Part 2. Toilet, Shelter, Teashop and Express to Chittagong: Kamalapur Railway Station Kamalapur, built in 1961, is the central railway station of all Bangladesh. It is a hotbed of 24-hour activity, legal and illegal. During the day, they are numerous people running small vendor business, little children waiting to help people with their luggage and, of course, beggars are in abundance. Teashops and clothing vendors wait outside the gates, along with the buses, rickshaws, and private cars. The main criminal activity is theft, however, women looking for work in Dhaka from outer villages have been kidnapped and sold into the sex-slave industry and are either trafficked through South Asia or into local brothels. There are 47 local trains, 28 express trains and 24 inter city trains on the Narayanganj-Bahadurabad Ghat Line. Including the only direct and non-direct train service to India. 6,000 to 7,000 passengers leave Kamalapur every day by express trains, but it increases to 21,000 to 22,000 during the Eid celebrations. Strangemutt, Brooklyn New York, 2012.