Nazira Bazaar, Dhaka | Don’t miss Hazi Birayani

Nazira Bazaar is located near Dhaka Medical College, Gulistan and Bango Bazaar in Old Dhaka. There are restaurants, stationery shops, groceries, confectionary, vegetable- fish and meat and fruit shops located in this bazaar, as well as many other shops along the roads leading to Nazira Bazaar. Dhaka's famous Hazi Biriani House, along with many other well known biriani (fried rice) restaurants, is located here. The bazaar is also famous for Bakor khani (a kind of hand made biscuit like dry cake), which is very popular in Dhaka. In total there are over 2000 different shops in Nazira Bazaar. Shoe making is another important feature of Nazira Bazaar. There are about 1000 shoe making factories in the bazaar and 250 shops retailing the shoes. There are also many wall cloth shops operating in the bazaar. People are very pious of this area. There are several luxuriously designed mosques around the bazaar area. Nazira bazaar starts at 7:30am and closes at 9:00pm. This bazaar has no holyday.