Narod River of Natore

Narod river (নারদ নদী) originated from the Musakhan river in the Kapuria union area of ​​Natore sadar upazila of Natore district (নাটোর জেলা). Then the water flow of this river flows up to the Najirpur Union of Gurdaspur upazila in the same district and has fallen into the Upper Baral river. There is no water flow throughout the year in this river of monsoon. However, during the monsoon, the flow of water increased more than usual in the river. But in the dry season, especially in March-April, the river is completely dry. The river has been severely contaminated by the drainage of Natore Sugar Mill, as the floods of this river are being filled day by day. Today, the main enemy of the river is sugar mill, prawn company, and people. Many market hats have been established based on this river in Natore district, Natore city The image of the river is becoming more and more occupied by the many buildings and establishments of the river, and the river is being filled up. Cutting sugar mill, as a result of the Company, and the waste material and water / water contaminated as a result of the extinction of fishes and other jalajaprani soil, water / water, air pollution of the environment is being destroyed.