Muktijudda Market

After independence the first government of Bangladesh gave priority to the objectives of the Independence War and tried to create an environment that recognized the millions who gave their lives in patriotic sacrifice. Today the Bangladesh government still gives a monthly allowance and other facilities to support particularly marginalized and injured freedom fighters of the country. To ensure continuous support for these groups the Bangladesh government and the Muktijuddha Kolan Trust established many business institutions. Mirpur-1 Muktijuddha market is such an institution.In the early 1980s Muktijuddha Market was built in Mirpur-1 with a two-floor shopping center. It is now a five-storied building where the first three floors are a market and the two top floors are used for a garments factory. There are around 300 shops on each floor. This market is the oldest multi-storied market in the area, the now best-known market in the Mirpur area.There are now many modern shopping markets in the area but Muktijuddha Market are still important and attracts a huge number of customers. All kinds of garment wear, crockery, plastic items, ceramics, cosmetics, electronics, fast food, and mobile phone are available in this market. Stationery shops and groceries are also found in this market.There are many street shops around the main market, which add to the air of business and contribute to the congested streets full of rickshaws. In the street markets cloths, cosmetics, women's items, fruit, herbal products are sold at low prices.This market is open everyday between 9:00 AM and 8:00 PM. Some street shops and tea stalls, however, close late at night, around 11-12.00 P.M