Mouchak Market

Mouchak Market is one of the favorite markets for the middle class women of Dhaka City. This market was established in 1972 just after Bangladesh gained independence from Pakistan. At that time it was considered the most modern market in Dhaka. Although the market structure is now old it has not lost its dignity. Everyday thousands of women and girls come here to buy dresses and fashion products. Mouchak Market is located in the middle of the Magbazaar and Malibag area. The three roads converge in front of Mouchak Market, which means it is always crowded with people, rickshaws and cars so people try to avoid this area to save time when driving in Dhaka. However, there is an over-bridge which is linked with the third floor of Mouchak Market which facilitates access some of the time. Originally the main clientele of the market was the Dhaka elite but now it caters mostly to the middle and lower middle class. Mouchak Market is a five-storied building and there are about five hundred shops. There is, surprisingly, a Chinese restaurant adjacent to a mosque on the top floor. A number of big and small jewelry shops are located on the ground floor while the first floor provides shops for saris, pants, shirt, shalwar kameezes, baby wear and garment items. Shoe, cosmetics, ceramics, crockery, imitation ornaments, fast food outlets, tailors and so on are also present in this market. It is considered by women to be a 'one stop shopping center '. The avenue in front of the market is now known as "Mouchak Mur" ( Mouchak Avenue) Friday is the holiday of Mouchak Market. Everyday this market opens at 9:00 AM and closes at 9:00 PM.