Mohakhali Market

Mohakhali is an important and busy area in Dhaka City. Many important offices and institutions are located here. Mohakhali Bus terminal is one of the most important terminals of Dhaka City. Every day thousands of people, particularly from greater Mymensingh region, travel to this bus terminal. Moreover, the first flyover-bridge of the country was built at the Mohakhali rail crossing to reduce traffic-jams, which characterize the Bangladesh transportation sector. Mohakhali General Market is situated beside the flyover bridge close to the Dhaka-Mymenshingh highway. Once it was a hawker's market but in 1983 the Dhaka City Corporation built a two-storied modern building as part of the market. There are now 216 shops on two floors of this market that sell fish, meat, vegetables, eggs, rice and all kinds of daily needs on the ground floor and groceries, stationery, garment accessories, electric items on the second floor. A mosque is located on the first floor of this market. Once this general market was heavily patronised but numbers have declined because of traffic congestion and competition from nearby markets. Although the Mohakhali General Market has lost it previous popularity it still has a great impact on the daily life of Mohakhali and nearby areas. Many open-air fruits shops are found in front of Mohakhali General Market. A number of floating shops and hawkers are also seen on the road side area where low-priced goods, sunglasses, watches, toys, fashion items, shoes, belts, books, magazine, CDs and cassette are sold. However, the front side of the market has become very crowded because a small bus stop is located here for city services and long distance travel as well. As a consequence some restaurants and tea-stalls are busy catering to the local bus passengers. The bus stop also attracts a number of beggars who move around to hunt the passengers. At nighttime the place has become a shelter for homeless people. Everyday the market opens at 7:00 AM and closes at 9:00 PM.