Mirpur 10

Mirpur-10 is not a market but an avenue with four roads connecting it to the major suburbs of Dhaka meaning it is densely packed with shops, plaza, hawker stalls and street food vendors. The area is generally known as Mirpur Gulchokkor (four way over-bridge). The view from the over-bridge shows scenes of a market with huge number of clients and many floating shops, selling a vast array of goods, on the footpaths. This is the second largest street market in Dhaka City after the Gulistan Street Market. Mirpur's position is to the west of the central part of Dhaka. House rents and the cost of living are expensive in central Dhaka so many people have moved to Mirpur, Uttora and Savar where things are generally cheaper. There are many garment industry factories in these suburbs, which have a number of slums where the marginalized communities live particularly rickshaw pullers, hawker and garment workers. There are a number of small shopping centers, which service this clientele. The local elites generally do their marketing in new Uttara malls or in central Dhaka. The Mirpur 10 Street area is famous for fruits and garment products All kinds of local and foreign fruits are on sale here. In addition pirated CDs/DVDs, electronics, crockery, fast food outlets, restaurants, bookstalls, stationery shops and many other products are available in this area. The markets are famous for low prices There are also many tea wallahs, jalmuri wallahs, piara wallahs active in the area providing both the shopkeepers and customers with cheap snacks. Among the small shopping centers the best known are Shah Ali Plaza and Anwar Mansion, which have about 400 shops between them. Saturday is the weekly holiday for this market.