Maldives: perfect beaches and garbage island

Famous for its pristine beaches and fabulous islands The Maldives seem to have it all going for them. Although the perfect crescent beaches are on the walls of every travel agency in the world, little is actually know about the country and its inhabitants itself. Official Muslim state The massive crowds of tourists that arrive every day on the 'Airport Island' are picked up by their pre-booked resorts and transported onwards by small sea planes or speed boats. That is after they have to give up any tax free bought alcohol at customs. The Maldives are an official Muslim state with very strong religious rules. That also explaines why for example a brought along bible will be confiscated. Garbage island Not many people come to this capitol. But it's an easy going place. Of course living on such a small island with over 100.000 people generates some problems. For instance there's the garbage problem. It's all shipped of to the garbage island around the corner where massive back plumes hang over the green tropical seas. Also socially things aren't as mellow as you would expect from the holiday brochures. An enourmously high rate of illegal abortions is a silent witness of what lies beneath the surface of this tropical capitol. But all these things seem far away when you arrive at your resort with a cocktail in your hand. Apart from the rising sealevel things should be fine.