Maddho Baddha Bazaar

Although Badda stands just besides the aristocratic Gulshan area it is not fully developed and remains an old-fashioned Dhaka market where the life style, culture and infrastructure are distinctly traditional. Moreover the bazaar seems to have been by-passed by modern communications and consumerism. The Madha Badda Bazaar is a roadside bazaar that stretches from the main road to the nearby residential area. In total there are 200 shops and the modern Lutfun Shopping Center increases the value of Madha Badda Bazaar; although only two floors are used for the market.Rice shops, grocery, stationery, restaurants, and tea-stalls and daily needs makes Madha Baddha Bazzar like most other Dhaka markets servicing local communities. The product price is less in this market than most and even though it is small it attracts the local people and is consistently busy. Madha Badda Bazzar may be called a street market because of its location, mainly on the roadside and space is limited.Badda Bazaar is open everyday from 8.00am to 9.00 pm .