LAHORE City Documentary | Capital of Greatest Empires |

(1) Trend-setter for all Cities of Empires - (2) Holy Pearl of Punjab (3) Mughal Capital for 200 years. (5) John Milton (1608-74) bracketed Lahore with the finest cities of the world in his renowned book titled Paradise Lost. He says in book 10: "His eyes might there command whatever stood City of old or modern fame, the seat Of mightiest empire, from the destined walls Of Cambalu, seat of Cathian Can, And Samarcand by Oxus, Temir's throne, To Paquin of Sinaen Kings, and thence To Agra and Lahore of Great Mogul..." ** Jerusalem and Lahore are sister historical same cities ** --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- An ancient Punjabi saying, "One who has not seen Lahore, hasn't been born." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------