Krishna Janmashtami | জন্মাষ্টমী

Janmashtami (জন্মাষ্টমী の画像検索結果 ) is a Hindu religious festival based to celebrate birth day of Lord Krishna. During the celebration, across the country amid festivity and religious ritual have been arranged by Hindus believers. Hindu religious and community organisations organize various event and activities including prayers, sermons, puja, discussion, padabali kritan, Geeta Jaggyam, praise of Krishna, drama and cultural performance in Hindu temples. In the capital Dhaka, thousands of men, women and children join the historical Janmashtami rally. The big procession generally brought out from the Dhakeshwari Temple to Bahadur Shah Park after parading in different roads. Hindu faith, 5,500 years ago Lord Krishna, (the incarnation of God) was descended in this world as human being to establish the realm of love, truth and justice. Film: J. Alam/ 2008. Direction and edit: Shahjahan Siraj Production: Machizo Multimedia