Kirton | কীর্তন

Kirton is Hindu mystical religious song with glorification exaltation of love God 'Radha' and 'Krishna' with musical mode. During this mystical performance both singer and audience inspire and unite with total devotion however rejoice inner peace centering on God`s love. The word, dance and music of local instruments create a lovely illutional as well as graceful environment. Most of case during pick of prayerful performance, the singers embrace the audience transfer love. With tuning of love the audience cry, forgive and forget all resentment. The believers deem during performance gods come down in the stage and work with the performers. If some one embraces with total acceptance God's spirit enter and purify the body, and recover the disease and life problems with enormous blessing. The song widely practices by the non-violence stock believers particularly the follower of Choitonno Dev, an ascetic Vaishnava monk and social reformer in 16th century Bengal and Orissa. ------------------ One more clip on Kirton Kirton is the mystical performance by which both singer and audience inspire and rejoice inner peace and revelation centering on God`s love. The song is full of Hori`s (God name is called by Hindu ) name and praising. In ancient bangle the Buddhists monks also sang Charya which is an ancient form of Kirton, the songs glorify God both by men and women performer in same stage in front of love seekers audience with mystical dance, word and music with local instruments. Originally Kirton is the song form of Gitagovinda which is a dramatic poem, written by Jaydev in Sanskrit at 12 century, containing songs and dialogue of the three main characters, Radha, Krishna and Sakhi, With the influence of Bangla mystical poet and ecclesiastic Chaitanya Dev, Vaishnava poets wrote songs based on the story of Radha and Krishna are also sang as Kirton. However Kirton songs spread throughout Bengal towards the end of 16th century, nowadays popular to Hindu community as part of worship. National poet Nazrul Islam even was Muslim by born, but was famous to write and sang Kirton beyond the religious boarders. Script & editing : Shahjahan Siraj Videography: J.Alam Associate: M. Roton Production& Copyright: Machizo Multimedia