Kaptan Bazaar

Kaptan Bazaar stands beside Gulistan in Old Dhaka. This is considered a very old market in Dhaka City and was established in 1940 and originally named Thatari Bazaar. In the Pakistani period many captains of ship from Sadarghat came here everyday for shopping and for this reason, this part of Thatari Bazaar changed its name into Kaptan (captain) Bazaar.In this market there are almost 2000 shops selling a variety of items. Groceries, stationery, confectionery, hardware and household needs are available. Broiler and local chicken, different types of birds, mutton and huge quantities of fish are also on sale here.The shopkeepers created the Kaptan Bazaar Business Association to control market and provide business security. More than 40000 people do their marketing here every day. Friday is the weekly holiday of this market. The market opens at 8:00am and closes at 9:00pm everyday.