Hello Dhaka | Introduction video on markets in Dhaka city

Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh is the city of rickshaws and mosques, located on the bank of Buriganga River. This metropolitan city is the most densely populated city of the world, with a population estimated at over 14 million citizens making it the biggest city of the country. During the Mughal period it was called Jahangirnagar, and was renowned for producing the world's finest muslin cloth. The city was established on 7th century during the Buddhist kingdom of Kamarupa and the Pala Empire. A feature of the city is that most streets and avenues of Dhaka have markets, as wells as shops on both sides of the road. Dhaka itself is a market. From small street tea stalls to modern coffee shops, from bazaars to parks, from slums to megamalls, everywhere is touched by products and marketing. Old Dhaka has a history and tradition of community spirit, but new Dhaka is modernized and tends to lack this attractive dimension of the old city. Life in new Dhaka, shaped by the availability of international luxury products, parallels global culture with its emphasis on individualism. Above all Dhaka is a city that loves the life, traditions and culture of the Bangla society it has inherited. With the spirit of Jules Verne, the virtual journey "80+1 days around the Dhaka" would be arranged. Every day one market will be Live bits web cast through the Internet connectivity. During the Livebits broadcast global internet users and citizen of Linz will get to live the experience of a Dhaka Tour by overcoming time and space limitations. In a way the audience will be travelers in Dhaka via the Live Bits journey. In this way, surely it will prove again that we are all citizen of One World; we are members of same Global Family. In the Dhaka journey, along with market spot clips based on the goods sold and the popularity, the diversity of Dhaka life styles will be shown. Besides the markets, we will also show, via web castes the traditional entertainments found in the market places, such as live performance and practices. We will show, as a Livebits event, rickshaw riding in new Dhaka and from old Dhaka, traditional horse-car rides. Along with everyday Live Bits, same day Fresh bit video clip will be uploaded to the Net. Moreover, with the videos collected since 80+1 day's coverage, a complete video documentary will be that will be (80+1 =) 81 minutes long. The video, photographs with caption story would be available both in online as FLV streaming clip, DVD Rom, digital catalog and blogs. To do Live Bits high-speed wireless internet connectivity with portable devices, mobile phone and laptop will be used. Shahjahan Siraj Dhaka, Bangladesh