Hatirpul Bazaar

Hatirpul Bazaar is situated on the northern border of Dhanmondi thana (district). Although this is a small bazaar it has historical significance. People say that in the British period (until 1947) local landlords used this place as an elephant farm, hence its name "Hatirpul" (in Bangla 'Hati' means elephant). This bazaar is a roadside market extending from Katabon to Motalab Plaza. Although it is roadside bazaar it is legal, operated by the city corporation. The small shops are very important for the local inhabitants, as there is no big general or vegetable market in the area. Seasonal fruits, meat, fish, vegetables, rice, spices and daily needs are available here. In addition to the small grocery markets there are stationery shops and some small restaurants whose major clients are rickshaw pullers, other workers, CNG and taxi drivers. Four roads form a junction in the Hatirpul area, which means it is always busy, particularly with the abundance of rickshaws. Like a countryside shop, most shops of this Bazaar stay closed during lunch period. In the morning and evening this Bazaar becomes very crowded with customers. It opens early morning and closes around 10 at night.