Haji Camp Bazaar

The Bangladesh government established the Haji Camp in1998 to accommodate the large number of Muslim pilgrims traveling between Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia for the Hajj. Haji Camp Bazaar was established just opposite the Haji camp at the same time as the camp was created. During the Hajj the market becomes very busy, as it is full of Hajis. It was first known as Muktijudhdha Shopping Market but its popular name the Haji Camp Bazaar caught on. However, it is only one market in the Ashkona residential area of Uttara. Along with rice, vegetables, fish, meat and all kinds of daily needs and fashion products, toys, CDs, medicine, sweetmeats are available in this market. The market opens at 6:00 AM daily and closes at 8:00 PM. In 2006 in the period of Caretaker Government another general market was established in the area, managed by the BDR that was commissioned to sell products at a fair price. The market was originally managed by the BDR (Bangladesh Rifles, the paramilitary border protection force) but it is now coordinated by the Bazaar Committee. It is open all day and is very busy as it tends to cater to the middle and lower classes, unlike the other Uttara markets which tend to cater to the upper classes Besides the main Bazaar, there are many floating shops of fruit, cloths, tea-stall and Bangla snacks (piaju, puri, shingara shops), which stretch from the market to the rail crossing. There is no holiday of this market. The Haji Market is open at all times whereas the BDR Market closes on Fridays.