Gulistan Street Market

Gulistan (garden of flowers) is a famous and busy and street in Dhaka City. Although there are no longer any flower gardens in this area it retains the association with gardens and flowers. Gulap Shah's Shrine (majar) is also in the vicinity of Gulistan. From the street to the multistoried buildings, every place in Gulistan is a market. The road is always busy with hawkers, continuously moving rickshaws, buses, bikes and automobile traffic as well as the surge of restless men and women. Along with multistoried markets all roads sides of Gulistan have temporary hawker's shops. The marginalized community, generally low-income people, is the main customers of this market. There are more than two thousands hawker shops in Gulistan where more than 20000 people works. It is famous for low price clothing, lungi, toweling, shalwar kameez, sari, shoes, cheap ornaments, watches, sunglasses, kids' wear, garments and fashion products. Although the price is very low there is no guarantee about the quality of products sold. However in the center part of Gulistan, like as traffic island, is the Gulap Shah Shrine, spreading the spiritual information and inspiration to the seemingly restless people of Gulistan. Everyday a large number of followers visit Gulap Shah's Shrine where they make donations and pray with total devotion to fulfill their desires and receive good luck. There is no holiday in the Gulistan Street Market. Generally it starts at 8:00 A.M. and close at 9:00 P.M.