getting a long haircut in Dhaka Bangladesh

Impulsive action taken. I needed a haircut. But visiting Dhaka in Bangladesh - where should i go ? Suddenly a saloon on the side walk. Entering an 8 seated saloon, with a crowd of people. Hello Sir - do you need a short or a long haircut ? Hmmm - my hair was long, so actually i wanted my hair cut short, but i decided to go along for the long cut. No regrets. A nice haircut, with a head massage to follow for about half an hour. The long about this haircut was that it included a great massage. 6 guys doing my bag, shoulder, head and they did their best to make me feel comfortable. In Dhaka, often the is no electricity, so why worry about hair dryers when 2 guys can do the same job - and it felt like an autumn storm in November back home - only warmer :). After an hours service i was charged 1,20 usd - and i felt like a king. Wonder how much the short version would have cost me ? ;). I can really recommend a long haircut in Dhaka !