Get Off The Shed!!!

Shawn left me in rural Bangladesh for a speaking engagement in Vienna... I was walking around and I spotted one of the kids on the roof of the hostel building. It's probably about 15 feet up and while it looks like there should be stairs or a ladder there isn't... Instead the kids just climb a tree to get up there... Not the most difficult climb, but I'm also 6ft tall... these kids are monkeys is what I'm trying to say. This is part of my Bangladesh trip. I went to Bangladesh for 3 months to document the building of a school with Shawn (Uncultured Project). If you want to learn more about that project if you use the link below to his youtube channel all the details are there. The majority of the trip on this channel is cell phone videos of certain moments... If you like this video please Subscribe, Comment, Rate, Favorite, and tell your friends. Find me on... Twitter: Facebook: Find Shawn at: Youtube: Twitter: