Gaosia and Chadnichak

Gaosia is one of the most famous and oldest private markets of Dhaka City. This market caters especially for women. All kinds of ladies' fashions and dress products are available here. The late Aber Hasan established the market in 1979. It is a five-storied triangular market almost nine acres in area and is divided into two parts. One is called Balaka and the other is called Chadni Chak. There have about 930 shops in Chadni Chak and 150 shops in Balaka. Home and family products, sari, cloth, shoes, stationary, jewelry, and fast food are available here. Gaosia is famous for ladies three piece ensembles and the main customers of this market are middle class women and girl students. Everyday about 25-30 thousand customers come here. On national holidays about 45-50 thousand people are gather in the market. This market opens at 8:30 am and closes at 8:00 pm. There are also a large number of street hawkers in the area, who are patronized by the customers of the big shops. The shopping center's first and second floor are devoted to retails shop while the third, fourth, fifth floors are given over to wholesale businesses.