ফুটেজটি একটি প্লেন হাইজ্যাকের ঘটনা নিয়ে। প্যারিসের অর্লি বিমানবন্দরে পাকিস্তান ইন্টারন্যাশনাল এয়ারলাইনসের একটি বোয়িংয়ের নিয়ন্ত্রণ নেন জাঁ ক্যুয়ে নামে এক ফরাসি যুবক। না, টাকা-পয়সা কিছু দাবি করেননি। অবিলম্বে ২০ টন মেডিকেল সামগ্রী ও রিলিফ প্লেনটিতে তোলা না হলে এটি বোমা মেরে উড়িয়ে দেওয়ার হুমকি দেন তিনি, যা পাঠাতে হবে পূর্ব পাকিস্তানে- আর ১৩ দিন পর যার নাম হবে বাংলাদেশ। News Presenter: This 28 year old man has spent his first night at prison. His name is Jean Quai. He wanted to help the Bangladeshi refugees and that is why he had immobilized a Pakistani Boeing plane for 8 hours yesterday at Orle. With the help of TV camera, you can now see some of the parts of this extra-ordinary event of suspense. This is the first time that something like this has been captured live. The notable parts were filmed yesterday afternoon. At 1705 hrs, the filming started and the Boeing 720 was stuck at 1800 hrs at Orle airport. News Reporter (from the scene of airport; video time 1min 6 sec): Since 1150 hrs, the young hijacker had been threatening the pilot with his revolver. He demanded 20 tons of medicines for the Bangladeshi population; or else threatened to explode the plane. At 1815, the authority accepted demands and conditions of Jean Quai. The first lot of medicines has already arrived at that time at the airport of Orle. The hijacker agreed with them and let the children get out of the plane. News Reporter (after descending of the first group of passengers; Video time 1 min 33 sec): The passengers you see now were then transferred to Paris immediately and the journalists approached to them. Loading of the medicines has started on the runway... antibiotics and other essential goods. At 1900 hrs, the second truck arrived with medicines. But this time the people who are working are the police in disguise. News Reporter (after 2 men got down from truck; video time 2 min 03 sec): the person at right who is guiding the driver of the truck; would arrest the hijacker after some moments. The other members of police in disguise are carrying the boxes of penicillin into the plane. Then they took advantage of inattentiveness of the hijacker and were at last able to cuff and capture him. News Reporter (while all passengers are getting down; video time 2 min 27 sec): the last group of the passengers is coming out of the plane. Jean Quai was transported/taken to the nearby police post of Orle by an ambulance; where he will face interrogation. News Reporter (from the scene of ambulance; video time 2 min 51 sec): the crews regained control of the aircraft and after a while you can see the witnesses, the passengers and the police. 1st person speaking to journalist: He was a very young guy. Maybe of 24 years. He let us take our food. Journalist: How was his behavior? Was he rude? Or aimed the weapon at any one of you? ===He was very gentle. J: Has he talked to you? ==Yes, he did. J: What has he said? ==He said it was for the medicines. He told us not to worry. He had once talked to a little girl and his mother. Police Officer Antoine Siblo (video time 3 min 36 sec): We took advantage of inattentiveness of the boy. We made a plan for him and used it. J: You were in disguise. Did the crews understand that you were police officer? Antoine: No, I don't think so. Not even for a moment. News Reporter (speaking in distance; video time 4 min 07 sec): the medicines, which were collected a couple of hours ago, were unloaded and were immediately taken to Paris. Marquis d'Agoste (Ordre de MALTE) to the journalist: all these medicines were for another destination. We have unloaded those and all are now here. J: what are you going to do now? Marquis: We are going to do the opposite. We will return these to its first destination. We will send medicines to Pakistan (he meant Bangladesh) by another way; cause these are destined for Pakistan.