Forgotten Roots – Episode 9

Bangla Reality Show Forgotten Roots 'Forgotten Roots' the new challenge based reality show takes 5 boys and 5 girls from their normal existence and throws them in the deep end of rural Bangladeshi life, where they'll encounter things they've never seen! The main purpose of this TV show is to introduce the young non-resident Bangladeshi youths with the Culture, Heritage, History and embark them on a journey to find their 'Roots'. Forgotten roots is not just another reality show, it's a show which will create bonding of our youths with its motherland, it's fun, its entertaining, adventure, challenge, education and above all appreciating and embracing our roots. It's screaming out loud that I am also Bangladeshi and I'm proud of it. Meet the first 10 contestants from the UK, USA and Spain and follow their journey, their emotions and struggle in finding their roots. Watch the show on ATN Bangla and ATN Bangla UK and vote for your favourite contestants via SMS.