Elephant Road Markets

Elephant Road is situated on the north side of National Science Laboratory. The middle point of Elephant Road is known as Bata Signal after the large Bata (shoe manufacturers and retailers) show room, which is considered the landmark for this part of Dhaka. There are also a huge number of other shoe shops in the area. Multiplan Center is the second biggest computer market of Dhaka City and is located on Elephant Road. There are also a number of other computer shopping and service centers in the area. Besides computers the shops of Elephant Road have become popular as a mobile phone markets as well. Elephant Road is ornamented by a number of different types of shops like restaurants, photo-shops, watch shops and fashion shops. Moreover, this road is famous for the Bangladesh brand name ceramics like Mono Ceramics, Shaeenpukur, Japan-color, Gitalli, Fops, and Cates Eye. Elephant Road is also famous for carpets, copper showpiece, wedding products and interior decoration, cloth selling and wedding shops. All the necessary products for a marriage are available in the marriage market, which not only sells the bridal and bridegroom outfits but also rents them to customers. The small food shops, tea-stalls, garments shops, illegal car and rickshaw parking make Elephant Road one of the most congested thoroughfares in Dhaka. The shops of Elephant Roads are open between 9 A.M and close at 8 P.M every day of the week.