Eastern Plaza

Eastern Plaza was established in 1990 on the famous Sonargoan Road. This was the first multi-storied ultra modern shopping center to be built in Dhaka City. Eastern Plaza has not lost its importance for the middleclass customers despite the building of many more attractive shopping malls throughout Dhaka, including its immediate neighbours, Mutaleb Plaza and Nahar Computer Complex. The area is still known as the Eastern Plaza zone. There are 98 shops on each floor of the five-storied Eastern Plaza building. Each floor is used for a specific product category. On the ground floor cosmetics, crockery and gift items are available. The 1st floor is filled with shops selling saris (Bangladeshi women's dress) and fashion products, including the exotic Jamdani sari and Tater sari as well as modern dress apparel. The 2nd floor is famous for shirts, pants, shalwar kameez, baby wear and toys. The 3rd floor is well known for jewelry and shoe shops and the top floor for the cheap software, DVDs, cell phones, and is favoured by the young for shopping as well as a meeting area. This market opens at 9:00 AM and closes at 9:00 PM. Friday is the weekly holiday of Eastern Plaza.