Durga Festival With A Difference অন্যরকম দূর্গোৎসব

On October 16, 2010 (Kartik 1, 1417 Bangla), it was the 'nabami' (9th day of bright fortnight) of the Autumn worship of goddess Durga. This is the biggest festival of Bengali Hindus. On that day, I went to visit an extraordinary festivity at Baantbilla, Jessore, where more than 400 effigies were made for worship and exhibition. The effigies depicted many gods and goddesses, mythical creatures and stories, even monks, poets and famous mortals. It was a brilliant artistic composition of heritage. Music courtesy: A R Rahman (Bombay theme) See pics: facebook.com/album.php?aid=259604&id=750125339&l=f29b748a16