Dr Debapriya Bhattacharya on ‘Sustainable Tourism’

Bangladesh to lead a 'Sustainable Tourism' movement? Here's what one Bangladeshi economist has to say on the topic. If you can't make it through the video, here's the gist: linking tourism to the millennium development goals would do Bangladesh a lot of good. Will the tourism industry take the next step? Quotable: "It all depends on the image we are trying to project. I feel we are in a transition. As someone who goes around the world, I feel the image of this country globally is changing. The issue is whether we'll be able to sustain that positive change this image in the coming years, in the coming months." Dr. Bhattacharya has probably not seen Bangladesh: The Bradt Guide, as this talk illustrates. While the LP helps get travelers in the door, most people know that the Bradt guide for those 'in the know' in Bangladesh. Regardless of whether the Bradt guide receives recognition or not, Dr. Bhattacharya's comments are accurate. http://www.bradtguides.com/Book/67/Bangladesh.html -- one small correction, Dr. Bhattacharya is serving as a Dinstinguished Fellow for the Centre for Policy Dialogue, but is no longer the Executive Director.