Dilkusha Motijheel

Nawab Sir Saiad Solimullah's brother-in-law Nawab Azim built a luxurious palace for recreation and named it Dilkusha. Nothing remains of the palace but a beautiful old mosque and shrine built for the use of the Nawab's family members. After the partition of British India in 1947, the Municipal Corporation acquired the palace area and named it Dilkusha. At present Shadharan Bima Vhabon (General Life Insurance Building) stands in the place of Dilkusha. The head office of Bangladesh Biman Airlines is also located here. In front of the Bangladesh Biman Building, there is a large statue of the archetypal bird Balaka, the trademark of Bangladesh Biman Airline. The traffic island containing the statue is known as Balaka Chattor (Balaka Ground). Many companies have their head offices in this location. Virtually all the buildings of this area are used as office or business spaces, hence its name; Dilkusha Commercial Area. Janata Bank Vhabon, Agrani Bank Vhabon, Hotel Purbani International, Rajuk Vhabon, Shadharon Bima Vhabon and many other important building stands on Dilkusha. Friday and Saturday are holidays making Dilkusha Area look like a small town with less people.