Dhaka Episode 1, From Bangladesh With Love

The travel show starts with a young man called Abrar, to whom Bangladesh is a little known country. Followed by a discussion with his mother, Abrar, though reluctant enough, goes to an art exhibition where he gets infatuated with a young girl called Ariba, the curator of the exhibition. After asking for her number the girl hands him a riddle which eventually leads him to Chittagong. This marks the beginning of the journey through Bangladesh in search of this girl. Each riddle leads Abrar to a different destination each time. Will he find his love solving the riddle? Keep an eye on our channel. Through 8 breath taking episodes , you'll get to know what's going on with Abrar. Experiencing Bangladesh in a different way ! From Bangladesh With Love First travel docufiction in Bangladesh Brought to you by: http://www.tobangladesh.com Special Thanks to: Royal Danish Embassy. Fall in love with Bangladesh.