Cleaning activities at Hummum waterfalls from Travelers of Bangladesh.

As far as I know Hummum was 1st introduced by Salehin and Shihab (admins of Travelers of Bangladesh)... after their expedition Salehin took few of us with him to this beautiful waterfalls...that was so clean and naturally untouched that time... Recently I have revisited Hammam waterfalls with five of my friends...I have seen it at the initial stage just after Salehin n Shihab's expedition...but now this place is full of junk , waste material and plastics...even at the waterfall i have requested to a group of visitors not to drop plastics but they and my friends cleaned that place and burnt those plastics...most sad thing is Hammam losing its natural beauty..too many visitors and those stupid people destroying it..need to create massive awareness against it...Otherwise we should left the hidden natural beauties untouched..we don't have the rights to destroy it..!! Travel with some responsibilities..leave only your footstep..not the plastics..!!! We cleaned it....if you go there please do the the nature.....keep something for the future generation... save the nature,