Chak Bazaar

Chak Bazaar is a famous market in old Dhaka that has a name for wholesale activity rather than retail. It was established on 1947 under the private ownership and the market is controlled by the Chak Bazaar Vonick Shomitee. (Chak Bazaar Businessmen's Organization ). Originally Chak and Chak products (lime and lime products) were the items sold at the market but at present it is famous for the wholesaling of stationery, imitation jewelry, women's fashion products, decoration products and wedding items, garments as well as cloths, especially lungis (the working men's dress), and electronics. Chak Bazaar supplies retailers from all over Bangladesh. . Chak Bazaar is also famous for supplying Alauddin Sweetmeats and Bombay-style sweets, long popular in old Dhaka, to the city retailers. This market starts everyday at 9:00 am and closes at 7:00 pm. Friday is the weekly holiday of Chak Bazaar. A famous example of architecture of the Mogul period, named Shahi Masjid is situated at Chak Bazaar