Biking in Dhaka Traffic (Gulsha-2, Gulshan-1, Tejgaon)

This is everyday ride in Dhaka. A bike can save a lot of your valuable time in Dhaka traffic. If you want to go over a footpath, make sure it is empty (unlike me, I made a mistake here) or no one is coming towards you or there is police around you (it's ok if you see a police riding over the footpath), go slow as if you are walking. Don't annoy the passersby by honking.. it's their way.. The video is fast forwarded to 3 times the normal speed to save time and space .This video is dedicated to all Bangladeshi people. Sorry about the shaking.. it's better not to watch it in full screen. Bike: Yamaha Fazer 153cc (Indian edition) Camera: Nokia N70 mobile camera Music: Two Chucks slideshow theme (cricinfo), Ewan Dobson - Time 2 - Guitar