«Munda people living in the coastal region of Bangladesh are an ethnic group completely different from the Bengali race and they are proud to call themselves 'Adibashi Munda'. Singing and dancing are a very important part of their culture.» Source: CAUSES, CONSEQUENCES OF, AND REMEDIES OF POVERTY OF THE TRIBAL MUNDAS OF THE SUNDERBAN FOREST, by Krisnapada Munda, University of Khulna, Department of Economic Studies Serie: BD_2012_Incontri_del_Febbraio_2012: Indice dei filmati della Serie: BD_2012_Meeting_in_Satkhira_01_Honey_From_The_Sunderbans BD_2012_Meeting_in_Satkhira_02_Minoti_and_Shopna_Sing BD_2012_Meeting_in_Satkhira_03_Mohon_Meets_Fr_Luigi BD_2012_Meeting_in_Ishwaripur_Krisno_at_Munda_Education_Centre