A VERY SPECIAL GIFT!«Forest officials say up to 100 people are killed by tigers in Bangladesh every year; most of the victims fall prey to the tigers as they stray deep into the forest to collect honey, wood or go fishing in mangrove waters.» Source (30 Nov. 2010):«Fishermen (44%), woodcutters (36%) and honey collectors (18%) comprised the bulk of tiger victims.» Source (2002): honey in the Sunderbans is not only dangerous due to the possible attack of the tiger, but even a very hard job, as shown in the excellent reportage by Hubert Roy, you can watch at: and Shopna brought us, togheter with a Letter signed by 15 Munda Girls, a gift with a great symbolic meaning. It was...HONEY FROM THE SUNDERBANS!Some cuts in the video are quoted from and belong to a ducumentary by Hubert Roy (author and director) that is property of ZED - Producer and Distributor of HD Documentaries www.zed.frSerie: BD_2012_Incontri_del_Febbraio_2012: Indice dei filmati della Serie: BD_2012_Meeting_in_Satkhira_01_Honey_From_The_Sunderbans BD_2012_Meeting_in_Satkhira_02_Minoti_and_Shopna_Sing BD_2012_Meeting_in_Satkhira_03_Mohon_Meets_Fr_Luigi BD_2012_Meeting_in_Ishwaripur_Krisno_at_Munda_Education_Centre