Bangshal Market

Bangshal is a busy and well known area in Dhaka City. It is a road side market located in Old Dhaka.. There are about 7000 variety shops available in the Bangshal area which open everyday at 8:00am and close at 8:00pm. Bangshal is famous for bicycles. From here bicycles are supplied all over the country. Bicycle spare parts shop also found here. Retailers and wholesalers from all over the country come to Bangshal Market to collect bicycles, bicycle spare parts to on sell in their own district. Many importers are located in this market as well, which also features some famous electronics brand company showrooms. Beside these, stationery, grocery, vegetable, meat, building materials shops are found here. Al Razzak Restaurant of Bangshal is famous all over in Dhaka for the quality of its food. Everyday huge numbers of people come here to eat.. The area has a very fine mosque, which indicates that Bangshal people are religious.