Bangladesh Railways’ alco (6501 BED-30) piggyrides WAM-4 Akal Takht Superfast

Date taken: February 2013 Camcorder: SONY DCR SX45E Simply could not believe my eyes. First time seeing a locomotive belonging to a foreign country. The reason?? DLW, aka Diesel Locomotive Workshop, Varanasi, had taken a contract to manufacture 16 alcos, similar to the WDM- 3As that we have got, to Bangladesh Railways (B.R.). And this was one of the couple of locos, that was first dispatched. Numbered 6501 BED- 30, the loco was coupled to the 12318 Bi-Weekly Amritsar (ASR)- Sealdah (SDAH) AKAL TAKHT Superfast Express at Varanasi. From Kolkata, the loco will be delivered to B.R. with the 13108/13110 Kolkata Chitpur Terminal (KOAA)- Dhaca Cantt. (DHCA) MAITREE International Express. On the same day,the other loco, 6502 BED- 30 came piggybanking with 12332 Jammu Tawi (JAT)- Howrah (HWH) Tri-Weekly HIMGIRI Superfast Express: AKAL TAKHT was running 3 hours behind schedule with an off-link ASN WAM-4. Location is Balarambati on HB Chord enroute. The train uses the Amritsar- Jalandhar City- Ambala Cantt.- Saharanpur- Moradabad- Bareilly- Lucknow Charbagh- Sultanpur- Varanasi- Mughal Sarai- Patna- Jha Jha- Asansol- Burdwan- Sealdah route, and is the third best train (among 5 trains) connecting these two cities. A link portion for this train from Sealdah to Firozpur (attachment/ detachment at Ludhiana) is in demand. The Akal Takht (literally means The Throne of the Timeless One or Throne of God) is highest seat of temporal authority of the Khalsa and is equivalent to any parliament of world sovereign State. Akal means The Timeless One - another term for God. Takht means 'seat' or 'throne' in Persian. Akal Takht is located in the Harmandir Sahib complex in Amritsar, Punjab, and faces the Darshani Deohri. The train derives its name from the same. ++ Here is my playlist of numerous off-links in Indian Railway circuit: ++ Here is my playlist of Unique captures in Indian railways: Railfans Sarbamit Chowdhury, Pramit Mitra and Sayantan Banerjee was with me on the trip.