Bangladesh has a colorful tribal atmosphere enjoyed by all Travel to Bangladesh Our travel guide can help you make the best of your stay in a country, that, despite it's small size, has much to offer. Whether you're making a religious trip, searching for pure silk garments, or wanting to learn more about ancient cultures, Bangladesh lets you experience it all. In your travel to Bangladesh you will simply love the Sundarbans, unique because of it being home to the largest mangrove forest in the world. Interesting tribal villages abound. You will find the world's longest coastal beach, innumerable mosques, and a wealth of indescribable wild life. The key cities to visit are: Dhaka, the capital, Chittagong, the largest international seaport in the country, Coxs Bazar, a premier beach resort, and, Rajshahi, the best place to buy silk. Make sure to visit Rangamati to enjoy and be a part of the colorful tribal experience of Bangladesh. Visit Bongra too, to learn about ancient Buddhist culture. If choosing to go on a boat trip in the Sundarbans, besides admiring the mangrove forest, you will see monkeys and a variety of birds including kingfishers and woodpeckers. The population of Bangladesh consists mainly of Hindus and Muslims. If you want to make this trip a religious one, consult our travel guide for the dates and venues of festivals. Eid-ul-Fitr is one of the two most popular festivals, and is the largest Muslim holiday of the year. It celebrates the end of the holy month of Ramazan. The highlight of these days is the large variety of mouth-watering food prepared, and if you're really fortunate you'll be invited into a private home for an elaborate feast. Durga Puja is the other popular festival. It is the largest Hindu festival in Bangladesh. This festival goes on for several days with each day having some special festivity in store. Ready-made garments, textiles, agricultural goods, shipbuilding, and fishing are some of the largest industries in Bangladesh. Try to find a good bargain for some local manufactured garments, many of which are made from pure silk. The locals in Bangladesh are friendly, and like to practice their English while you wait for them to cook fresh food for you. Having to wait for your food to be cooked is a good sign that it is fresh and worth the wait and money spent. Our travel guide can help you find affordable accommodation and food that is of a good standard. However short your trip is, use our guide to ensure its an adventurous and religious one, while saving time and money.