Bangla Bazaar

The name Bangla Bazaar resonates with the Dhakarite! It denotes the language, culture and spirit of the nation. Consequently it's no surprise to find that Bangla Bazaar is one of the most famous book markets of Dhaka City and is situated in the old city. There are more than 2000 books and print publishers operating in the bazaar, which attracts many writers, poets and educators. This bazaar is always busy with people as it is near the river ghat, or Sadharghat. The Bangladeshi people feel a good deal of pride for this market. It is famous for retailing both old and new books as well publishing. In addition to books, plastics goods, polythene products, shoes, stationery and electronics materials are available in the Bangla Bazaar at retail and wholesale prices. Wholesalers as well as retail sellers from around the country buy books from this market making it the main source of books for Bangladesh. The streets of Bangla Bazaar are usually full of seasonal fruit sellers and temporary hawker shops. There are more than 2500 shops selling a variety of goods located here. All owners of shops belong to the Bazaar Shomitee, which controls the market through the Bazaar Vonick Shomitee. This market starts everyday on 8:00 am and closed on 9:00 pm. Friday is the weekly holiday of Bangla