Banga Bazaar

Banga Bazaar was established in 1976 at Fulbaria, Dhaka. It has been renamed the Dhaka Trade Center. In 1990 the bazaar was transferred to a location in front of the Bangladesh Fire Service Office. Banga Bazaar name refers to the ancient name for Bangladesh -Banga. A total of four somitee (associations) control this market, which is an unusual administrative structure. They are, the Bangabazaar Hawkers Somitee, Gulistan Hawkers Somitee, Mahanagoor Hawkers Somitee and Adarsha Hawkers Somitee. These four somitee together make the Bangabazaar Corporation. This bazaar is famous both in Bangladesh and foreign countries for the availability of all type cheap cloth. Sari, shirt, denim, pants, lungi, trouser, travel bag, salwer-kameez, warm clothes and many other garment products are available. There are about 2400 retail and wholesale shops in Banga Bazaar. Recently a multi-storied shopping center, Annexco Tower, was built beside Banga Bazaar, adding to the retail outlets. In 1996 there was a major fire and most shops were destroyed and businessmen lost all their property, which was valued at millions of Bangladeshi Taka. After a certain period they started their businesses again with support from government. The market opens everyday at 8:00 am and closes at 9:00 pm. Friday is the weekly holiday of the Banga Bazaar Complex.