Banani Bazaar

Banani is an elite area of Dhaka City where marketing, life style and shop contents parallel the developed world. This area is based on luxury consumption and is full the head offices of global companies, private universities and schools as well as hotels, restaurants, fashion houses, entertainment centers and global brand shops. Here the life is fast, expensive and enjoyable compared to other places in Dhaka, except for Gulshan and Dhanmondi. Banani Bazaar includes Kamal Attaturk Avenue, Alam Plaza and the General Market. The Banani General Market was built in 1970 in the form of an "E" and it was known as Banani Hawker Market. However, in 2006 the market was shifted to its present location by the Dhaka City Corporation and the open-air market replaced with the shopping complex. There are 104 shops in this market. Grocery items, vegetables, fish, meat and daily needs are on sale here. This market opens at 7:00 AM and closes at 10:30 PM. Some tea-stalls and fruits shops sit in front of the market. The market also has a parking area in front The first two floors of Alam Bhaban are famous for stationery, hardware, electronics, crockery, restaurants and beauty salons. The rest of floors of this multi-storied center are used as office space. Bangladesh U.A.E. Maitry Shopping Mall, which forms part of the Banani complex, is famous for global brand products. There are a total sixty shops on three floors in the shopping mall. All shops in this market are well decorated and full of valuable products. Modern beauty parlors, clothing, shoes, sari, three pieces ensembles, toys, movies, cosmetics and pastry shops are found here. Beside this, many tea-stalls and hawkers , selling low priced products can be found nearby.