Baitul Mukarram Gold and Street Market

Baitul Mukarram the national mosque of Bangladesh was founded in 1960 and is the 10th biggest mosque of the world. Baitul Mukarram Gold and Watch market is the biggest jewelry market in Bangladesh and began in the Pakistani era There are 180 jewelry shops. Amin jewelers, Apan Jewelers, Apurba Jewelers, Chadni Jewelers, Boishakhi Jewelers, Grameen Jewelers, Shanonda Jewelers, Venus Jewelers are prominent jewelry shops in this market. Beside this there are shops selling popular brand watches. Part of the ground floor and the first floor of the market are the main jewelry and watch market. All famous gold importers and ornament makers of the country have showrooms in Baitul Mukarram. In front of the market, on the roadside, there is a street market where t-shirts, shirts, pants, shoes, toys, briefcases, kitchen items, fashion products and seasonal fruits are sold cheaply. This market opens everyday from 9:00am until 8:00pm, except for Friday.