Aziz Super Market

Aziz Super Market of Shahabag is situated near the National Museum. It is an apartment cum commercial complex and the building has fourteen floors. The first three floors and basement are used for commercial purposes and the rest is apartments, particularly for bachelors as they are small with limited facilities. About five hundred bachelors live in this complex. The super market is mainly famous for bookshops, publishing, Bangla fashion, cultural items and alternative literature practices. Local and foreign books are available at Aziz; however, the market is also famous as a centre for publishing Bangla contemporary fiction by well-known local authors. Aziz shop keepers are also in the vanguard of local and traditional cultural practices, making and marketing a wide range of artistic products that feature Bangla traditions and culture, but using modern motifs and forms. Besides books the market is well-known for stylish Bangla stationery, Bangla restaurants, sweetmeats, Bangla music and songs, which are available in a number of cultural and art training centres, cyber cafés and computer training centers. Aziz Super Market is also famous for adda (gossiping). Most afternoons poets, writers, philosophers, artists and 'think-tankers', particularly the young generation, gather at Aziz to join in the open adda. Aziz also has a reputation for being a centre for left wing politics in Dhaka. There are about 400 shops in this market. Generally it opens at 8:00 AM and closes at 10:00 PM. Thursday is a half-day and Friday is the holyday for Aziz Super Market.