Al Razzaque Restaurant

Al Razzaque Restaurant, located in Old Dhaka is a famous restaurant in Dhaka City, as well as Bangladehs generally. It is a luxury hotel and restaurant in Old Dhaka. The restaurant is famous for the delicious Bangla and local traditional foods it serves. Every day lots of people come to eat here, particularly the businessmen who come to Old Dhaka on business. The Al Razzaque Restaurant serves a variety of Bengali foods, such as; kachi-berani, rice, chicken biriani, mutton burhani, and various fish curries of rui, hilsa, shrimps, pangus, telapia, as well as egg dishes and salad. It also serves light meal such as nan bread, kebab, lachhi, faluda, fenni, coffee, tea, sweetmeats and so on. To honor Hindu religious beliefs it does not serve beef. However the citizens of Dhaka who choose to eat here, even though the price of food is expensive compared to other general restaurants in Dhaka City, regard the restaurant as neat and clean with hygienic food production. The hotel's waiters are always busy but everything goes smoothly because of the restaurant's professional management system. People choose eat at Al Razzaque for its traditional cooking, hygiene and professional service. Attached to this restaurant are a popular juice bar and a residential hotel in upstairs. There is a separate seating facility for women. There is no weekly holiday in Al Razzaque Restaurant. It opens at 6 A.M and closes at 12 P.M each day.