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  • Literature

    The history of Bangladesh's literature extends back many centuries, with the oldest sample of Bengali literature dating back a thousand years. A notable difference is seen in the literary works of pre- and post-independent Bangladesh. Literature from Bangladesh is produced in many forms, from novels to poetry, and in several languages.

  • Music

    Bangladesh has a very rich musical heritage since music has always played an important role in the lives of the people. In ancient times, song was usually linked to prayer and this can still be seen somewhat today in the singing of folksongs that often praise certain gods and their creation. Over time new influences where introduced and musical styles changed. Musical development was better ...

  • Famous People

    There are a number of famous people from Bangladesh who have managed to excel in their particular field. Not many of them are known beyond Bangladesh, but there are those unique few who have even achieved worldwide success. One such person is the model and designer Bibi Russel.