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    Khulna Division

    Bangladesh is divided into six divisions, of which the Khulna Division is located in the south west and covers a region of approximately twenty two thousand square kilometers. It forms a part of the Greater Bengal Delta, and is a region of the country that flows with rivers including the Kopotokkho River and the Madhumati River. The Khulna Division is also divided into ten districts, namely ...

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    Airport guide

    There are not as many airports in Bangladesh as there are in many other countries but the country still has a reasonable number of landing spots. The majority of the country’s airports have some form of published instrument approach procedure but only two of the country’s airports have a structured customs system. There is only one military airport in Bangladesh – The Teigaon airport in ...

  • Khulna Division


    Located in the south western region of Bangladesh, Jessore is the first independent district of the country. Its administration was established in 1781 and it has four municipalities as well as approximately 1434 villages. The town of Jessore is situated on the Bhairab and has a population of over a million people. Jessore is involved in the textile and plastic industry and also manufactures ...