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    The number of cellular phone subscribers in Bangladesh has been growing at an enormous rate in recent years, sometimes more than doubling each year. With the introduction of the Bangladeshi government’s deregulation process, it is believed that the mobile market will continue to improve at this impressive rate. New cellular operators that have entered the scene have also contributed to a ...

  • Culture

    Radio Stations

    Radio is an important form of media in Bangladesh as it is easily accessible - especially to those in smaller communities. Many radio stations from Bangladesh are broadcast online. Why not visit one of these sights to listen to some local music or hear up-to-date news?

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    Political Parties

    Bangladesh is ruled by a multi-party parliament system or parliamentary democracy form of government. The President (currently Zillur Rahman) acts as head of state, whilst the Prime Minister (currently Sheikh Hasina) takes on the role of head of government and holds the real power. Bangladesh's government often receives much criticism and sometimes violent opposition by other political ...

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    Public Services

    For a country to develop and keep up with the times, it is necessary that it creates a working infrastructure. It is the country's public services sector that is concerned with this. Public services in Bangladesh are services provided by the government to the community. They include police departments, fire departments, water supply, electricity, education, waste disposal and many more. The ...