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  • Savar Golf Club

    To the west of the Dhaka-Aricha highway in Bangladesh, lays the sprawling greens of the Savar Golf Club. It is one of the exclusive golf clubs in Bangladesh and even though it is not the biggest, covering just over sixty eight acres of land, it is one of the busiest. With more than seven hundred members, the Savar Golf Club is a hive of activity. Considered to be a young club due to it only ...

  • Kurmitola Golf Club

    The Kurmitola Golf Club began its existence during the 1950’s, when it was established on the area that became the location of the Zia International Airport. The golf course was moved to Dhaka Cantonment during the 1960’s, providing the city of Dhaka with a wonderful sporting attraction and developing over the years to become one of the top golf courses in Bangladesh. The course was first ...

  • Golf Courses

    There are a few golf courses in Bangladesh that will keep golfers occupied and ensure that they have a great time. Picture yourself playing a round of golf in Bangladesh, with beautiful trees surrounding you and birds calling across the green grass.