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  • Museums in Bangladesh

    National Museum

    Located in the suburb of Shahbag, in the city of Dhaka, is the biggest museum in Bangladesh. Its staggering collection of over eighty five thousand pieces are beautifully preserved in the twenty thousand square meter building, that is home to large exhibits. Originally established as the Dhaka Museum, in the year 1913, by Lord Carmichael, the museum developed into such a large establishment, ...

  • Art Galleries

    Bangladesh College of Arts and Crafts

    The Bangladesh College of Arts and Crafts is located in Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh. Completed in 1955, the building was designed by architect Muzharul Islam, who is renowned for his significant role in introducing Bengali modernism in architecture, distinctly different from colonial and traditional forms of architecture, and yet retaining a rich sense of Bengali heritage for a ...

  • National Parks

    Himchari National Park

    Located just south of the town of Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh, the Himchari National Park is comprised of lush tropical rain forest, grasslands and trees, and features a number of waterfalls, the biggest of which cascades down toward the sandy, sun-drenched beach. The natural beauty of the area provides a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of city life, for locals as well as tourists. ...

  • Culture


    Proverbs are brief sayings that reveal a common truth and express the perceptions of a community based on experiences in life, society and the world. The Bangla word that is used is 'probad', which translates to 'statement' or 'saying'. These sayings are then passed along orally through the generations, eventually becoming well-known Bengali proverbs.

  • Culture


    The government of Bangladesh continues to make education of the masses one of their top priorities and as such has set up a number of programs and initiatives designed to help the people of Bangladesh obtain a fairly good level of education regardless of gender or class.

  • Culture


    Not many people choose to become a Bangladesh expatriate though at one stage there was quite a sizable expatriate community living in the country. The vast majority of these expatriates where descendents of British colonists who had discovered the many advantages that the British enjoyed in the country and decided to stay. However, their enthusiasm soon waned and they returned to their ...

  • Travel

    Public Services

    For a country to develop and keep up with the times, it is necessary that it creates a working infrastructure. It is the country's public services sector that is concerned with this. Public services in Bangladesh are services provided by the government to the community. They include police departments, fire departments, water supply, electricity, education, waste disposal and many more. The ...