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Do nonmuslims who criticise the quran know how to study it properly?

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  • Word ZUFUR is from root ZWAA, FAA and RAA. Concrete meaning of this root is succeed in fulfilling one’s objective. Also victory, success, prosperity, triumph, fingernails, toenails, claws, talons, to capture, to win, way to success, to place obstacles in the way of success, to hunt, to hold back from something, to fail in doing or getting something, to not be able to achieve or accomplish something, to be successful in getting what one wanted or desired, something that holds something in place, stagnation, something that stands still, something that is like a claw in shape or use or purpose etc etc.

    Word GHANAM is from root GHAIN, NOON and MEEM. Concrete meaning of this root is to gain something without making the effort for it. Also sheep, goat, blind follower, booty, spoils of war, to avail oneself an opportunity, to make gains, by product, additional, something extra, a weak or timid or submissive person, a meek or unimaginative or easily led person, a lecherous person, Capricorn, a victim or a person used as a scapegoat, an agile person, something like a sheep or a goal in some sense, to anger, to annoy, to frustrate etc etc.

    SHUHOOM is from root SHEEN, HAA and MEEM. Concrete meaning of this root is essence of something. Also inner part, ear lobe, fat, vegetable or animal oil, flesh, grease, abound in desirable elements, fertile, rich, productive, puffed up, reputation, prosperous, abundance of something, yielding plenty, lucrative, wealthy, hump of a camel, drunk with power etc etc.

    In all these verses the argument is straight forward regarding two parties ie the party that basis itself upon rule based upon guidance of Allah and the party that opposes rule based upon guidance of Allah. People are told to follow guidance as told by Allah but many decide to follow their own make beliefs in direct opposition to what Allah dictates. It is not only those who clearly oppose divine guidance but also those who claim to follow it yet end up with their own make beliefs and useless rituals and then they claim that this is what Allah has sent. That is how they end up turning deen=program, constitution and law of Allah into mazhab=dogmatic creed or religion and useless rituals as personal blind faith and thereby end up divided into sects. Jews did the same ie they invented laws in the name of Allah so they ended up forbidding many things that Allah had not forbidden at all and they ended up imposing things that Allah did not impose thereby they ended up disagreeing with each other about things and over time ended up into many sects and infighting. Here Allah says that when people do that they suffer the consequences and so did the Jews and so do the Muslims today who have invented many beliefs like Jews and that is how they too have become divided into many sect after taking Islam as a Mazhab instead of Deen. The very same happened to people who claim to be Christians.

    147) Yet if they oppose you then say to them, your Creator and Sustainer is provider of blissful, dignifying and secure life providing program, constitution and law but His foretold scourge cannot be averted from people who have given themselves to criminal thoughts and actions against humanity in opposition to His guidance.

    148) Now those who take for rulers other than Allah will say, if Allah wanted neither we nor our forefathers could have been those who live by rule of other than Allah or could have declared anything unlawful. That is how their ancestors rejected the truth until they suffered the consequences they were warned against. Say, do you have any evidence for this claim of yours that you can put before us? The fact is, you follow nothing but make beliefs and useless rituals and you follow nothing but lies for personal gains at the expense of each other which is obvious from the outcome of your behaviours towards each other that are based upon your attitudes towards each other which are in turn results of your mindsets towards each other and that is all you learned from your life experiences.

    149) Say, the argument of Allah is conclusive that if it had been His plan to enforce His will then He could indeed have guided you all by taking away your freedom of choice but He chose to give you ability to choose to fulfil His plan.

    The rejecters of truth always bring up the argument that if Allah wanted us to be this or that or he wanted us to do this or that then he could have created us that way. It is because Allah has created us the way we live and act so we are doing God’s will. This is nothing more than self deception. The Quran explains that God has set up systems and laws throughout the universe to work in a certain way to fulfil his plan but within that Allah has created a creature called man with ability of choice. Therefore no doubt the natural world processes and mechanisms work the natural way but things people do by choice are the ones that are questioned. A human being has a choice to act one way or the other and the outcome rests on that and that is what mankind is held accountable for. So to claim man has no choice is absurd and a false excuse. Of course there arise difficult situations but then there are equally awarding opportunities for people to act as much as they can. It is a struggle and so long one is part of it to some degree one will be rewarded for it, if not in this life then the next life.

    150) Say, bring forth your true witnesses those who claim that Allah has restricted participation of people for the well being of the proper human community in ways you claim. They cannot, but even if they do bring some witnesses who bear false witnesses to such claims, you should confront them and not go along with them nor should you ever follow harmful and destructive invented beliefs and useless rituals of those who deny people Our set out rights for them such as do not commit to working for unity, peace, progress and prosperity of mankind for the better future of mankind because they setup themselves as rulers over others in opposition to guidance of their Creator and Sustainer.

    151) Say, come I will tell you what your Creator and Sustainer has instructed for you to have and to do or not to have and not to do: He has bound you to not to accept right of rule by anyone other than Allah; He has bound you to complement efforts of young and old people in your community who lack in things due to any weaknesses to make their life beautiful; He has bound you not to destroy your future generations through rivalries against each other for personal gains by causing deliberate lacks of provisions for them because We have provided sustenance in abundance for you the community managers as well as the managed community; He has bound you to not to commit against each other in public or in private acts that bring harm and destruction upon community; He has bound you to not to take any life that is under protection of program, constitution and law of Allah except for accomplishment of set goals and provided guidelines. These are the things which He has instructed for you so that you could learn to understand and use things properly.

    152) He has also bound you to not to use labour of any individual but only for making the existence of proper human community beautiful to the utmost degree. That is how you should fulfil the requirements of properly balanced existence based upon just laws. We do not put restriction upon mankind but for opening up for them highway to unity, peace, progress and prosperity. So whenever you are called upon to deliver the verdict in a case, be just and fair even if the case is against the very people, you rely upon for your existence and well being and that is how you should fulfil your covenant with Allah. These are the things which He has recommended for you so that you become consistent with program, constitution and law of Allah for the well being of the mankind.

    153) Say, this is my way of life as advised by Allah that is firmly founded therefore follow it and follow not any other ways of life because they will lead you away from His program, constitution and law and set you against each other thereby destroy you. This is what He has recommended for you so that you may protect yourselves against harm and destruction and live in peace and harmony in a sensible way.

    154) That is the reason We gave Moses the book to fulfil Our plan for those who will do things to make existence beautiful for each other as a community, it contained detail of all things necessary for fulfilling Our blissful and dignifying set goals for them according to Our guidelines for providing them secure existence so that they could meet the standard of existence set for them by their Creator and Sustainer by working for unity, peace, progress and prosperity of mankind.

    155) Likewise We have sent this book for blissful, dignified and secure existence of mankind so be consistent with it by deeds and that way guard against harmful and destructive way of life based upon personal gains at the expense of each other so that you could attain blissful, dignified and secure existence as a proper human community.

    156) So that you people have no reason to say, the scripture was revealed only to two communities before us so we have no idea what they were taught and what they learned and did,

    157) or the reason to say, if the scripture had been sent to us then we will have followed its guidance better than them, so a verifiable roadmap has come to you from your Creator and Sustainer as a guidance towards blissful, dignified and secure existence, therefore who can be more harmful and destructive than the one who rejects goals and guidelines provided by Allah for mankind and turns away from them? Soon those who turn away from Our set goals and provided guidelines will fall in terrible painful suffering as a consequence of their turning away from Our advised way of life.


    • 158) What are they waiting for other than coming of the missionaries or coming about of kingdom based upon guidance of your Creator and Sustainer or that warning of your Creator and sustainer comes to pass? On the day when warning of your Creator and Sustainer about consequences of their actions takes hold of them no such people will be able to benefit thereafter for declaring their committing to working for unity, peace, progress and prosperity of humanity who were not already committed to working for unity, peace, progress and prosperity of mankind in deeds or any community that did not support its commitment to unity, peace, progress and prosperity with hard works for well being of each other. Say to them, wait if you must to see the results of your actions, we too are waiting.

      This verse draws attention to coming about of kingdom based upon guidance of Allah but that can only happen if people who have received the Quran make full efforts to make proper sense of it and spread it and gain needed support for bringing about the kingdom based upon guidance of Allah. This needs education based revolution. Failing that as people interact with each other in the real world situations and circumstances will arise which will bring about bloody revolutions throughout the world that will keep moving mankind along the same path as told in the Quran. It is because as some people create problems for others by living their lives the way they choose, other will react to solve those problems in order to resolve conflicts so a compromise will be reached for the time being between the opposing forces which will each time move people towards better world. This way of progress is very painful as well as very slow but if people will not educate themselves for better world as told by Allah then this way of life is inevitable for them which they cannot escape because that is the way Allah has set of the world to work to make his plan for mankind a reality. This is why it is of vital importance for mankind that they learn the scriptures properly so that by having proper understanding about what is going on in this world they could equip themselves with knowledge and do things that bring them out of this cycle of bloody revolutions and get them on the path to working hard for creating a beautiful world for themselves. Missionaries are mainly those people who are deliverers of message of Allah to mankind but also those who manage kingdoms based upon guidance of Allah and take on the tyrants in the world to free people from oppression and suppression. Not only that but missionaries are also such people as rise from time to time from among a people to fight oppression and suppression in general to give their people a new direction and a new hope.

      159) Surely those people who have made dividing people into groups their business or way of life or livelihood, you the messenger or any of your supporters should have nothing at all to do with such works. Surely people who cause divisions among mankind the outcome of their works rests with set-up systems and laws of Allah in due course that is how He will inform them what they should have been doing or not doing.

      These verses make it amply clear that causing divisions in the human community is unacceptable way of life to Allah for the mankind and the consequences for that are said to dreadful so any person who wants a better world must work for unity, peace, progress and prosperity of mankind otherwise one must remain ready for facing the inevitable consequences as explained in full detail in the Quran. Mullahs and their blind followers are slapped here very, very hard. It is because the most powerful reason for divisions is turning of DEEN into MAZHAB. Way of life advised by Allah versus invented beliefs and useless rituals, which is work of mullahs through misinterpretations and misrepresentation of the scriptures. Just as worst thing to do is to create divisions among mankind so the best things to do is to create unity among mankind on the basis of goals and guidelines told in the Quran.

      160) The fact is any people who will do things for well being of each other as a proper human community will end up with an exemplary community but any people who will inflict harms and destructions upon each other, for them there cannot be anything other than an exemplary fractured human community that is full of problems even if no harm and destruction is inflicted upon these people from outside.

      161) Say O messenger, as far as I am concerned, surely my Creator and Sustainer has guided me to the way of life that is firmly founded, the ever solid way of life for mankind, the way of life that was adopted by Abraham the one upright and he was not of those who lived by ways of life other than the one appointed by Allah.

      162) Say, surely my striving for bringing about an exemplary human community and my hard works and sacrifices for installing rule based upon guidance of Allah to decide matters relating my life and death is all according to guidance of Allah the creator and the sustainer of all the nations in the world.

      163) His appointed way of life for mankind has no equal and I am told to turn it into a reality so I am foremost among those who commit to turning it into a reality.

      164) Say, why should I seek any way of life other than the one advised by Allah the creator and the sustainer of mankind when He alone is the creator and sustainer of all things? Each human populace is liable to face consequences for what it does because no bearer of burden of responsibilities bears the burden of consequences for responsibilities of another. That is why you all should turn to guidance of your Creator and Sustainer so that He informs you what you all should be doing regarding matters about which you are divided.

      In these concluding verses Allah is bringing to attention of people the fact that blessings and curses are not decided by things but by choices and actions of mankind themselves, so if people have right thoughts and act properly then the result is going to be a blissful, dignified and secure existence of mankind ie it is up to people to turn their world hell or paradise for themselves because Allah has provided all that is needed for mankind to go either way. However it will become very regretful for mankind in due course if they do not make their world a beautiful place for themselves despite all the provided opportunities and provisions including guidance from Allah.

      165) He is the One Who has made you the mankind inheritors of this world and availed you opportunities that some of you through personal struggle may rise degrees above others in benefiting each other as a proper human community. Surely your Creator and Sustainer is swift in making people face the results of their own actions because He is protector of mankind by way of His revealed program that is full of blessings for mankind.

      This Surah leaves one in no doubt what Islam means in Quranic context. It is a program for mankind to succeed by mean of guidelines for a constitution and guidelines for laws for unity, peace, progress and prosperity of humanity itself. The idea is that if humanity succeeds and prospers and learns sense then one day it will reflect glory of its creator and sustainer. Again and again it is made clear that it is responsibility of God to guide but to follow the guidance is responsibility of mankind but they have choice to do so or do as they please. Consequences however cannot be avoided by humanity for its failures though great rewards are promised for its successes. It is also made clear that divine program is fully testable and not to put it to test is also up to people themselves. If people will not follow divine advice then serious tensions between people cannot be eliminated and wars cannot be avoided. It is because unjust laws cannot be accepted by all and even just laws cannot be followed half hearted or only by some of the human population. It has to be a level playing field for all otherwise some will always have to keep others in check even if by strength of arms. It is a question of all living by rule of law by God or all living by whatever suits them. So all human beings must make an honest choice as to what they really want out of this life. The Quran leaves us humans in no doubt about things we need to know eg our prosperity rests in knowledge, unity and hard work and destruction rests in ignorance and divisions whereby we end up using things provided to us mankind by Allah abusively.


      • Surah 7 AL ARAAF-To reach heights of excellence in terms of unity, peace, progress and prosperity is not possible for mankind unless they organise and regulate themselves as a proper human community based upon guidance of Allah.

        This surah is named AL-ARAAF from root AIN, RAA and FAA. Concrete meaning of this root is a raised piece of land from its surrounding land that distinguishes it from the rest of land. Also a distinction that helps recognise something in its own right. An introduction eg of a person or community or something that helps to know something about something, heights, facial features, mane, comb, crest of a bird, to recognise, to know, knowledge, information and its proper understanding, mentor, divinations, to confess, confession, social norms, good works, proper actions, charity, fragrance, perfume, to come know as, to be recognised, to take to task for, to hold accountable or liable, to make one face the consequences of one’s actions, to become acquainted with one another, succession, continuation, established principles or prefects, reasonable, clear, uppermost part of a mountain or sand dune or a wall, advanced knowledge, a wide expanse of good land wherein settled people know each other well, kingdom based upon guidance of Allah wherein live a people as a proper human community, scent, smell, lead, trace, destination, goal, task etc etc.

        This surah is named AL-ARAAF not because this word is also used within surah but due to subject matter discussed in this surah, which is what people need to do to get where they need to be according to plan of their creator and sustainer for them. It is therefore necessary that people learn the plan and make sense of the world in which they live and then do what is required of them to reach heights of excellence. As Surah before this made it clear that prosperity is not possible without knowledge, unity and hard work this Surah is all about gaining excellence as a human community. Having a program with goals and guidelines is not enough, having a constitution and law is not enough, even having organised and being regulated is not enough. People must learn to become knowledgeable and unite and work hard and keep going till they reach excellence. Just being able to meet one’s needs is not enough for a community to be excellent it must do more than what it actually needs to do as is obvious by name of next surah ie AL ANFAAL. Each person has to become highly productive and efficient in order to produce much more than one needs for oneself. That is how one can reach excellence and that is why there is no place for such people in Islam who are lazy and disruptive a destructive or trouble makers. So one can see what kind of person a real Muslim has to be who could be held out as an example of excellence for others.

        Proclaim! In the name of Allah, the provider of psychological, sociological and biological needs of mankind

        1) Alif Laam Meem Suad.

        2) This book containing program, constitution and law is sent to you the people so that you let there remain no problem within heart of your human community because of it therefore make people aware about it for it will ensure blissful, dignified and secure existence for those who will commit to working for unity, peace, progress and prosperity of mankind according to it.

        Word SADR is from root SWAAD, DAAL and RAA. Concrete meaning of this root is the very being of something. Also the very centre of something, command and control centre, heart, something upon which depends very existence of something, brain, mind, personality, intelligence, breast, chest, president or chief of a people, capital city, main city, to return, to go to water well or spring for a drink of water, to come back, to go forth, go ahead of something or go ahead with doing something, psyche, emotions, motives, energy, power etc etc.

        This verse clearly state the purpose for revelation of the Quran ie people living a life based on the Quran which means tackling all problems humanity will ever face through learning, unity and hard work. If humanity wants to live by the Quran then it must live as a family and people should never try to rule or dominate each other in order to undermine each other instead they must come together and support each other and complement each other’s efforts that way making each and every person useful member of the human community. In other words the Quran is a program building an excellent human community if that is what people want and are willing to work for. If people do not want to be a proper human community then alternative is also made clear and history is cited as evidence repeatedly making it amply clear that humanity then cannot escape harms and destructions by its own hands for as long as it does not go by the book sent for it by its creator and sustainer.

        3) Therefore stick with the way life strictly which has been revealed to you by your Creator and Sustainer and do not follow any way of life that has been invented and promoted by anyone other than Him yet little are you people interested in the way of life which leads you to blissful, dignified and secure existence due to proper use of Our provisions.

        4) However think about how many of the townships have We let destroy themselves because Our warnings became realities for them due to their adopted ways of life based upon rivalries for personal gains whereby they rendered each other into a dead people.

        Word QAAILOON is from root QAAF, YAA and LAAM. Concrete meaning of this root is to rely on something for support. Also the noon, siesta, to take a midday nap, a midday resting place, to annul, to help out of difficulty, chief, a place for repose, the state of being at rest, freedom from worry, peace of mind, to lay oneself down, to relax, to lie dead, to put or place one’s trust into something, to rely on something, to come to rest on something, to find support in something, composure, to lie while being supported by something, absence of movement or animation or activity, state of inactiveness, lay idle, state of idleness, to live of others, milk or something that is drank in the afternoon, to make or declare something void or invalid, to obliterate effect or existence of something, to delete, abolish or cancel something, to revoke, become or render lifeless or ineffective etc etc

        If people will not live by way of life advised by Allah whereby they are told to complement each other then, all other ways of life people can adopt are bound to be based upon rivalries and the rivalry based ways of cannot lead anywhere other than people driving each other out of existence by trying to render each other ineffective.

        5) At the time when Our law of consequences delivered them results of their actions all they could say was, we have indeed been living our lives on basis of inflicting harms and destructions upon each other for personal gains.

        6) That is how in time We will continue making those populations face the consequences of their actions to whom Our message is delivered and We will also hold accountable the people who have been made responsible for carrying out Our mission.

        Here word MURSALEEN is not used for messengers of Allah but for their followers who were given responsibility to carry on with mission of Allah after their messengers passed away. Ummah needs to ask itself if it is fulfilling its responsibility towards the mission of Allah as it is required to do by Allah. It is this failure of ummah in its such important duty that ummah is in terrible state of affairs. Mullahs need to be held responsibility for misleading ummah by misrepresenting to ummah the way of life advised by Allah as a set of make belief and useless rituals. This has divided ummah into rulers and ruled, masters and slave, employers and workers, saints and sinners and so sense of ummah and brotherhood has disappeared from the lives of people who claim to be the followers of the Quran.

        7) Behold! We tell their stories to you for lessons to make you aware that Our law of consequences never fails to make people face results of their criminal actions against each other.

        8) That is how things are balanced properly for a set period of time so that any people whose works carry weight in sight of Allah for the well being of mankind prosper indeed.

        9) However those whose harmful and destructive works against each other will tip the scale against them in sight of Allah and proper human community, they will find themselves and their people in serious loss because they live their lives against Our set goals and guidelines.

        10) Behold! It is We Who have established you in this world and provided you with ways and means for your existence and sustenance therein yet you hardly stick to Our program that can help you attain a blissful, dignified and secure life through proper use of Our provisions.

        Word MAKKANA is from root MEEM, KAAF and NOON. Concrete meaning of this root is settle in a place as one’s home. Also to establish oneself in a place, take a place for a home, nest, become settled or established in a place, grow in power or strength, to prove validity or truth of a claim, to found an institution or kingdom or state or an estate, to establish a rule or enforce a law, to become recognised and accepted, to secure a position or condition, lizard and locust eggs, bird nest, to be exalted in power, to be calm, to be firmly established, to consolidate, to gain influence, to become possible, to become strong, to enable, to be secure, to be safe, to become well established etc etc.


        • Word MAAYISHA is from root AIN, YAA and SHEEN. Concrete meaning of this root is management of land and resources and means of production and distribution for fulfilling needs and wants of mankind for their blissful, dignified and secure existence. Also bread and butter, daily bread, consumables, livelihood, means of existence and sustenance, economy, things of need, living necessities, goods and services, food; clothes; shelter; health and education etc, state of living, way of living, to make one’s home in a particular place or with a particular person, life, to live, living standard, mode of living, toiling for livelihood, work for living, means of subsistence, victuals, manner of living etc etc.

          This verse very clearly tells mankind that blissful, dignified and secure life is not possible for people unless they learn about plan of Allah for them and therefore his set goals and provided guidelines for them so that then they could do what they are told as they are told to do it. The idea is that people educate themselves and each other and unite and work hard as a team to fulfil divine purpose. It all comes down to having sense of responsibilities for each other and about rights of each other and doing things properly so that responsibilities are carried out properly and rights are fulfilled properly. This calls for proper management of available manpower and resources so that things are produced and distributed properly to fulfil needs of mankind. So long as people fail to educate themselves or fail to come together to work as a team and fail to actually work, nothing can be achieved. This shows very clearly that Islam is not at all about make beliefs and useless rituals because it is a social program for a set of goals such as recognition and acknowledgement of creator and sustainer through putting his program into action for well being of people themselves as a proper human community. One cannot appreciate God of the Quran without being a creative person oneself. This is like a child is trying to make its parent proud of its kid which actually reflects back on parent itself. If a parent raises a good kid the credit obviously goes to good parenting as well and likewise if human creatures will use sense and do things sensibly then they will make their creator proud of them that will be true recognition of God as a creator. By playing dumb and deaf through animalistic mindset, attitude and behaviour if anything people are making God feel bad about his creation so to speak. If God was emotional like people he will have destroyed them many times over instead of putting up with their stupidity. This verse very clearly proves mullahs are stupid because they try to prove the Quran is holy book of make beliefs and useless rituals. On the contrary verses like this in the Quran cannot be interpreted any other way than in context of politics and economics. It is because one cannot even live his life without supply of food and water let alone sit in some place and praise the Lord. Even to hold make beliefs and carry out useless rituals one has to exist so things of need come first not praising the Lord. A child has to have all things of need for growing up to be able to do as told by Allah. This is how the Quran very clearly makes obvious stupidity of mullahs. Such verses can be interpreted only and only in context of DEEN ie proper way of life for mankind as advised by Allah and not in context of MAZHAB.

          11) That is what We created and evolved you the mankind for and therefore moulded you into shape where after We said to the tribal chiefs to accept for Adam the position of a chief administrator. They all agreed save Iblees, he was not of those who agreed.

          Why Adam is chosen as the leader? It is because he was most sensible person among all the people at the time. Allah chose him as his messenger to be a guide for the rest of them just like any other messenger who were sent after Adam top play the same role among their people at their own time periods. As explained already that even though people do things themselves Allah says I have done this or that for them because he is the provider of ways and means to doing things otherwise people could not have done it. If there is no gun you cannot shoot somebody, so provisions make things possible because only if things are there they can be used to do something. Allah chose his messengers such people who he thought will serve his purpose fine not that he chose anyone and then intervened to keep them right. That way others will have valid objection saying, why them and not us? Mullahs need to educate themselves so that they could see their own stupidity by themselves and get out of it, the sooner the better. Masses too should realise the fact that if mullahs are so ignorant then why are they following them like sheep?

          12) Allah asked Ibees, what stopped you from accepting Adam as the chief administrator when it is I that advised you to do so? He replied, it is I who should have been selected for this position rather than him. You have created and evolved me into a quick-witted or hyperactive person whereas you have created and evolved him into dim-witted or slow acting person.

          This verse explains story of first Islamic state that was brought about under administration of Adam as its chief. Before this people lived like other animals as a species and behaved the same way but through life experience due to having right brain and senses man soon learned that things need to be done differently from rest of animal kingdom. However, man had no idea how to do that and what to base the human society upon. That is when God revealed his message to man explaining things the way they are explained in the Quran for those people. The advice they were given was to take Adam as chief executive or chief of chiefs and take other similar people as administration to run the human population as an organised human community. After God suggested Adam for chief one of the tribal chiefs whose name was Iblees objected on the ground that he comes from the tribe that ruled people therefore he was better qualified to be chief of chiefs than Adam. God saw his this behaviour in light of his attitude and mindset and told him you are not fit to be part of administration because you look down on others instead of taking yourself as one of the people ie as member of the same family. By his later troublesome behaviour he proves God right in dismissing him from the administration. In kingdom of God only those people are taken as learned who live for the good of each other and not those who show cleverness for personal gains and thereby cause all sorts of troubles between people thereby destroy community spirit in people as well as human community itself. This Adam God is talking about is not the very first human being but the very first human being who showed he was a most sensible human being at the time who became self aware and aware of his environment and the bloodshed that was taking place between tribes and was trying to figured out a way to solve this problem. This is why the divine revelation was only given to people when they developed enough to be able to make use of divine guidance by being conscious of its purpose. The dialogue quoted here by God is similar to the one that went on between God, Moses and Pharaoh etc on this earth by way of divine revelations and messengers at the time. It is not the case that Allah talked to people directly, for that he chose people out of mankind as his messengers.

          13) Allah said, get out of this mindset, attitude and behaviour it is not beneficial for mankind that you should show your dominance this way regarding this affair. Get out of this mindset, attitude and behaviour because you have exposed yourself as an unworthy person for the office of community administration by coming up with such nonsense excuse.

          Here the Quran tells mankind very clearly what kind of people they should choose or not choose for management of people and resources and means of production and distribution of goods and services. Only a people who are self aware and aware of their environment and conscious of program of Allah because only such people can deliver the goods and services for the well being of proper human community. People who think of themselves big are simply filled with pride and sense of dominating others so they are bound to try to undermine others for their personal gains to satisfy their egos so in due to course they will prove very dangerous for proper human community.

          14) Iblees said, give me time to think this affair through till the day people will take on their administrative duties for this kingdom.

          The request by Iblees to Allah to give him respite is his admission that he was too quick to reject proposal of Allah so he was not fit to be a leader of proper human community. This also means people are not made to face the consequences of all their actions at once but that some consequences of their actions can take a very long period of time.

          15) Allah said, the respite you request is henceforth granted.

          16) Iblees then said to Allah, since You have declared my way of thinking and doing things wrong therefore caused me loss of my entitlement to position of chief administrator due to these like people, I will from now on lie in wait for them looking for an opportunity to lead them away from Your set goals and provided guidelines for them.


          • Word AGHWA is from roots GHAIN, WOW and YAA and GHAIN, YAA and YAA. Concrete meaning of this root is a hole dug up in the ground and covered up to trap wild animals to catch them. Also darkness, to lure, to confuse, to mislead, to seduce, to err, to stray from the right path, to become bloated due to over consumption of things, to swell or become puffed up, to become puffed up with conceit, to wrap up oneself in false reputation, to pretend to be big or an important person with intention to deceive, to become swollen, be deceived, deception, to become ruined, to become limited in means of livelihood, to have no guidance, to be in the dark about something, destruction, suffering, to live one’s life the harmful and destructive way, to do things or do them in a way that ruins oneself, people who are driven by their emotions instead of well thought out actions, people whose desires never become satisfied so they run about upset and disturbed, hazy or dusty atmosphere, goal, flag, objective, destination, upset stomach due to over eating or drinking, to suffer from stomach troubles, to tempt into doing something wrong, delusion, misguidance, evil, punishment, to miss the target or mark or standard or path, to declare someone wrong or in error or on the wrong path etc etc.

            In this verse it is made clear that mindset, attitude and behaviour of people shows what sort of background they have come from ie what have they learned from their life experiences or what life has taught them. So despite being given the time to think things through Iblees comes up with another harmful and destructive idea which is he will do all in his power to not let these people establish a kingdom based upon guidance of Allah. This shows that a person looking for domination over others keeps trying to undermine them anyway he can so he goes into more and more harmful and destructive activities in order to try to prevent coming about of a proper human community and even if one has come about his idea is to destroy it. The whole idea is that if something does not belong to him or is not under his control then no one else should have it either. A burning fire of jealousy and envy inside mind of such a person totally consumes him therefore such a person cannot think for well being of other human beings. These verses are explaining to mankind what is meant by personal gains based way of life at the expense of each other as compared to a way of life based upon well being of each other as a proper human community. This is why one way of life destroys human community spirit and brotherhood of humanity and the other works towards it. A very clear distinction between the two very different approaches to life. Iblees was first opponent of way of life that was advised by Allah for the mankind at the time. What he did to ensure things do not work in favour of human community is explained in detail in the Quran in story of Adam and Iblees. He was first SHAITAAN ie an adversary of way of life that was appointed by Allah for human community. There have been plenty of SHAYAATEEN since then and are there even today in form of rulers, mullahs and money lenders their touts and supporters. They do all they can to prevent proper way of life from becoming a reality. This fight between people on a mission from Allah and their opponents will carry on till world becomes free of such people. How can the world become free of such people? The world can become free of such people because as time goes on and generation after generation more and more people become better and better aware of themselves and their world they are doing things that are helping the world become a better and better place. Of course, things could become a lot better in much shorter time but only if people decided to bring about an education based revolution at a worldwide scale. The point one has to note here is that Iblees is not talking to Allah directly but to the people who claim to represent mission of Allah. He is responding this way because he still does not think he is saying or doing anything wrong by saying and doing what he is saying. It is a similar situation as with Allah, Noah and his people or Allah, Pharaoh and Moses and their people.

            17) Therefore I will reach them through those who will lead them as well as those who will follow them and through their constitutional and legal obligations as well as through their conducts so You will not find most of them using your provisions properly.

            What this verse means is that Iblees decided to do all he could to cause disruption in set-up and running of a proper human community. It means he began to work for his way of life the way he wanted world to be so he puts up his arguments before people to lead them away from the advised way of life by Allah to his way of thinking and doing things. He jumps in constitutional matter and legal matters and how people should conduct themselves. He makes people think, why should they have a constitution or law and act upon it in a way that has no personal benefit in it for them as individuals. He even goes to Adam and tells him why don’t you become a king and rule the rest and enjoy life for as long as it lasts. He did all this after Adam succeeded in setting up a proper human community. He was not able to mislead Adam but some of his people were misled by him due to which kingdom based upon guidance of Allah came tumbling down but he then was able to rebuild it after his people had learn their lesson the hard way. Though some time after him that kingdom fell apart once more and that is why Allah sent more messengers after him to guide people towards same thing all over again and again. The kingdom that was set-up by Adam was in a way a worldwide kingdom because human population at that time was not widespread as it is today. All kingdoms that were brought about by later messengers were very limited in places and populations. These kingdoms were only exemplary kingdoms to show mankind how to live properly if they so chose. But message of Allah has been spreading ever since because Allah sent thousands of messengers and scriptures since then. The final scripture was sent through final messenger some fifteen hundred years back. The final messenger also managed to set up a kingdom based upon guidance of Allah in Arabia that expanded after him but expansion ended when Muslims also turned imperialists and turned deen of Islam into religion of Islam.

            Yet message of the Quran has been reaching people for their reflection but most people have not understood the message of the Quran as they should have because kings in Muslim states set-up imperial priesthood to take control of interpretation and representation of the Quranic message the way it suited them. These people used the scripture as a tool for exploitation just like Hindus, Parses, Jews and Christians imperial forces. So today Islam is not well known as a deen but as a mazhab and that is what Iblees wanted in his time. By declaring his such intentions as told in the verse for his fellow human beings Iblees exposed himself very badly as to what was really in his mind for the human community. This shows how important it is for people to learn to choose their leaders and administrators for running affairs of their communities if they wish to live in peace and make progress and be prosperous. Only such people are to be chosen who live for others and are strongly founded on concept of community and are able to motivate and use people and resources to achieve end goal of bringing about the best human community. People who devise ideas to divide communities and to dominate others are force for harm and destruction therefore such people must be avoided and kept in check so that they do not succeed in their harmful and destructive designs.

            18) Allah said, if this is what you intend to do to your fellow human beings then it is better that you are not part of this administration and community because you have brought this disgrace upon yourself so remain disgraced and excluded if that is your choice. If any of them will also choose to follow your way of thinking and doing things then I will certainly let all such people from among you the mankind turn this place into a hell hole by their own making.

            This verse leaves none in doubt that Allah is not interested in forcing people to live his way rather it is peoples’ own choice to follow his advice or ignore it and do their own things and face the consequences. It also makes clear that people are free to settle their scores. This was necessary because without right to self defence world could not be kept in check. If society does not deal with criminal elements in society properly then society cannot live in peace to make progress to be prosperous. Antisocial mindset, attitude and behaviour therefore cannot and should not be tolerated or it is goodbye to community spirit and brotherhood and after that rivalry, animosity, hatred and destruction is inevitable, which is bound to turn the world into a hellhole.

            19) Thereafter Allah said to Adam, O Adam! Build you and your community on the idea of blissful, dignified and secure life providing kingdom and participate therein as you desire but take no step against the goals and guidelines of this program, constitution and law because you will become of those who do things that are harmful and destructive for you the proper human community.


            • Adam is given the program for setting up a kingdom and maintaining it along with his people and is told never to go against it because you will end up making your life hell as a human community. Here the Quran is talking about tree of life because program given to mankind by God is guaranty of human survival with dignity ie it is a life giving program. When people understand this program properly only then it motivates humanity properly in the right direction. Failing that mankind simply fall into painful suffering by doing things the way they were told not to. It is made very clear indeed how important it is to have proper understanding of plan of Allah and life because without proper understanding of things people can never build a proper human community. This places revelation of Allah into a category of its own. Without this knowledge humanity can never find the right way to live no matter how much people learn from the real world research and exploration because that will always only confirm the truth as told in the program, constitution and law of Allah. This verse also shows that the Quran is not the first book of revelation from God rather the very first human community that became aware of universal realities was given the book that suited their time and place. This means Islam is not a new way of life but the original way of life whereby lived wise people right from the start. Of course, people have been making mistakes and learning from their mistakes so God has been sending messengers and books to keep them informed about his program for them. The Quran is only fit for this era that is why it was sent for this period of time. Whether people try and understand the Quran properly or ignore it or misuse and abuse it for personal gains is up to themselves. The phrase do not go near the tree means do not step over the set mark or trample divine law under your feet or go beyond set limit or go overboard etc etc. Another way of saying stay within your limits for your own good.

              20) However in due course the opponent of Our advised way of life for mankind spread some rumours about the administration and the community both in order to bring about the situation and circumstances from which they were protected by Our guidance by telling them things like, your Creator and Sustainer has forbidden you from going against His program, constitution and law only in case you become kings or reign the kingdom for your lifetimes.

              Word WASWASA is from root WOW, SEEN, WOW and SEEN. Concrete meaning if this root is hidden noise or disturbance that is caused in order to cause chaos and confusion. Also conspiracy, whispering, indistinct hidden sound, rustle, jiggling of anklets, harmful and destructive insinuations, temper, to insinuate or draw attention to harmful and destructive thoughts, to tempt, to be obsessed, to put a suggestion into someone’s mind, to lead to temptation, to plant harmful and destructive thoughts etc etc. In the Quranic context it means people who oppose rule based upon guidance of Allah in a kingdom put their ideas into minds of people who follow program of Allah in order to knock them off course by making fools of them. They conspire to confuse people so that they lose the proper sense of direction or course of actions. This is why people who conspire to derail them are called shayaateen or harmful and destructive people and that is why people read TAOOZ verse before recitation of the Quran in order to remind themselves that they should not be reading the Quran for wrong reasons instead they should be reading the Quran to understand its program properly so that if it is good, they could work for its implementation and bring about a proper human community and the kingdom for it to live in.

              This verse tells people that administration they choose for running the community affairs has to be terms and conditions bound for the set out goals and never on permanent basis. If administration proves to be good and thinks that it can deliver then due to their track record they could be reinstated at the end of their appointed term if community also finds them able to deliver in future otherwise it is duty of community to change people in administration as they see fit in light of future tasks, guidance and performance ability. In case of divine messengers, they leave administration if they are part of it when they see they are getting old and cannot perform to the best of what is required of them. It is then up to community to find alternatives from among the ordinary people once heavenly appointed messengership comes to an end. It is not necessary that that a messenger of Allah has to be the chief administrator as well rather he could choose to have an advisory role instead. One must also remember that words like NABI and RASOOL are not used in the Quran only for actual prophets and messengers of Allah but their followers as well who carry out their works after them, they have been used for other ordinary people as well. The same is true about use of word WAHEE which means revelation or inspiration or motivation etc. This word is not used always in relation to messengers of Allah only but for other people and things as well. It is the context of the verses that gives rise to proper sense of these words in places where they are used.

              21) That is how he conspired through individuals in the administration and in the community both in order to persuade them by telling them under oath, I am your sincere adviser.

              22) That is how he cunningly convinced them to go against Our program, constitution and law but when they broke the set limits and experienced the life of lawlessness the results of their harmful and destructive thoughts and actions against each other became obvious to them so they began to stitch together for themselves the pages of the program, constitution and law to recreate for themselves the lost blissful and dignifying kingdom. Thereupon their Lord called on them saying, did I not stop you from going against My program, constitution and law and did I not alert you that opponent of My advised way of life is your open enemy so be on your guard?

              It should be noted here that it is not Adam who went against divine writ but his people in the administration as well as in the community. No divine messenger was ever misled by any opponent of way of life advised by Allah. The people chosen for messengership of Allah for delivering His message to mankind were chosen only because they were cleverest of all in their times so it was not possible for others to con them or trick them. Even an ordinary true servant of Allah is a very alert person, so alert that he does not con others and cannot be conned by others, for he knows what people are up to when it comes to what people want from each other. Even in this case it were only odd people not all of them who were misled by SHAITAAN who may or may not be Iblees himself but his agent. The idea of bringing about the kingdom based upon guidance of Allah was inspired because unruly people were causing problems already and wise people of the time thought there should be a better way of living than the way they were living. However after they were inspired with a better way of living some of them still fell short of what was required of them. That is how some people have been building kingdoms on the basis of revelation of Allah and others have been bringing them down. A struggle between builders and destroyers still continues and only so only Allah could be sure enough where all this is going to end and that is why the Quran tells mankind that his kingdom will become established in due course.

              23) Both the parties responded, our Creator and Sustainer! We have harmed ourselves. If You do not deliver us through blissful, dignifying and life securing revealed program for us then we will certainly be of those who end up destroyed.

              24) Allah said, get out of this terrible state of mindset, attitude and behaviour against each other for personal gains that landed you in this state of existence, whereby some of you became enemies of others whereas in this world there is sufficient provision and sustenance for all of you to live happily for a set period of time.

              25) Therein you may rise as a good human community and therein you may fall as a bad example of human community but that is how by means of that struggle you may be brought out of this state of affairs back into blissful state of existence.

              These verses clearly tell mankind that they are on their own when it comes to working for a better or for a worse world for themselves. The part of Allah is only to provide people with all they will ever need including guidance and the rest is up to mankind themselves to come together as a team and get on with the set out task or carry on fighting with each other for as long as they want. No prophet or saint or any other person on his own can change the human world for the better because world depends on all it has in it and particularly on its human participants. This is what real missionary work is all about, that is people understand the divine plan for them and help each other do the same and get on with the given task by ending their rivalries and animosities and hatred and fights based on trying to dominate each other by undermining and controlling each other.


              • 26) O ideological children of Adam! We surely have revealed for you the protective covering in form of Our program, constitution and law so that you cover yourselves well against all harmful and destructive sources for your peace, progress and prosperity. That is why the best protection against harm and destruction is consistency with program, constitution and law of Allah for the well being of the mankind. This Quran is indeed one of the revelations of Allah so that people strive hard to make it known to each other for their own well being.

                It should be noted in these verses that when Allah addresses mankind as children of Adam, he means ideological children of prophet Adam because he was not father of all human beings as already explained. The separation of human species from tree of life happened long before coming of prophet Adam. Here Allah is talking about his guidance and mankind not just mankind as a species in their own right. Humans took human form in body long before they became aware of themselves and their world and saw the need for guidance of Allah and received it. That is the time of prophet Adam and that is why he is not father of human race but father of ideology based upon guidance of Allah, hence the distinction between origin of human species and when man became man intellectually and actually rose above other animals and has been moving up the scale of proper humanity ever since.

                27) O children of Adam! Let not the opponent of rule based upon guidance of Allah succeed in causing fights among you the same way as he seduced your ancestors out of great life in the blissful and dignifying kingdom by stripping them of their protection in form of program, constitution and law of Allah thereby exposed them to mutually harmful and destructive conduct. The opponent of rule based upon guidance of Allah and his supporters attack you from such an angle that you do not realise how they are going to harm or destroy you. However it is We that gave the opponents of Our advised way of life the freedom of choice to be supporters of those who do not commit to working for unity, peace, progress and prosperity of mankind.

                The SHAITAAN Allah is talking about here is not the same person who stood against prophet Adam but any person who opposes advised way of life by Allah in any period of time in any place. The idea is that just as that SHAITAAN deceived people of Adam so SHAITAAN of today can deceive people of today. Just as people who follow guidance of Allah are called children of Adam so people who deceive mankind are called children of that SHAITAAN who deceived people in time of prophet Adam.

                28) They stick to each other so much that even when they inflict any harm and destruction themselves upon each other they say, we found our forefathers doing this and Allah Himself has commanded us to do so. Say, No way! Allah never commands mankind to do what is harmful and destructive for mankind. Do you attribute to Allah something for which you have no proof whatsoever?

                In verses like this the Quran challenges religions and priesthood as well as ruling systems and rulers and moneylenders who invented and promoted their tricks and mechanism against way of life advised by Allah for their own personal gains at the expense of proper human community. These people are seekers of dominance over fellow human beings just like Iblees. This is why they use whatever advantage they have over others against them to undermine them and use and abuse them as much as they can. The problem also rests with those who remain ignorant and do not rise to the challenges these people pose for them. A bully is a bully only till he meets his opposition and after that it is all downhill for him. The same is true about these people who think they have power over others and that they cannot be moved from positions of power. If masses stood up against these people, they will be history and that is what the Quran tells us repeatedly by telling us stories about past bullies and how the met their ends when push came to shove. Here Allah is making it absolutely clear that people who do wrong things to each other in the name of God are liars. The most condemned liars are mullahs because they invented religions in the name of Allah and spread them on behest of rulers and money lenders and thereby turned people away from the way of life that was advised by Allah for the mankind by attributing false interpretations to the scriptures and thereby misrepresenting them. Ummah needs to pay attention to this verse and see how it exposes and condemns blind following of ancestors. If people are told not to follow even their own ancestors blindly then why should people follow rulers, mullahs and money lenders who are not even their ancestors and only and only try to use and abuse them? This verse leaves no room for doubt that Allah has appointed a way of life for mankind to live their lives by and not make beliefs and useless rituals whereby mullahs make fool of them so that then they could be used and abused by rulers, money lenders and mullahs etc. So people must wake up to this truth if they want to prove themselves human beings with brains otherwise they are just like animals and beasts of burden for those who use and abuse them and they deserve it. Allah does not change condition or state of existence of a people unless they do it themselves for themselves and that is what guidance is about ie how people can make this world beautiful for themselves with its help.

                29) Say, my Creator and Sustainer only and only commands mankind to stand upon just laws and decide matters fairly as a proper human community for accomplishing goals set for you the mankind through each and every institution and kingdom relying purely upon His advised way of life. So that you could return to the original state of blissful, dignified and secure existence just as He evolved you originally for establishing a kingdom based upon His guidance the first time.

                This verse explains why messengers and scriptures have been sent by Allah one after the other because he wants people to become rightly guided so that they create and maintain for themselves blissful , dignifying and secure life providing kingdoms that stay in place forever for the well being of humanity.

                30) Despite all this help through scriptures and messengers one group of mankind ended up being guided the while for the other group His forecast proved true that they will fall in error and remain therein because they chose the opponents of way of life advised by Allah as their leaders to guide them instead of guidance of Allah, still they think of themselves that they are living their lives according to the proper way of life so they deem themselves guided properly.

                It is one thing to know that you are going the wrong way because then you look for the right way to your destination but if somehow you are made to think that you are going the right way even when you are in actual fact going the wrong way then things get really bad. This is exactly what rulers, mullahs and money lenders do ie they confuse their people by telling them mazhab instead of deen so people never look for deen because they think mazhab is deen. This is why to know the difference between deen and mazhab is absolutely necessary to get out of this trap that is set by rulers mullahs and money lenders for the masses to use and abuse them. How do rulers, money lenders and mullahs use and abuse people? By making people focus on things and in a particular way which help rulers, mullahs and money lenders use and abuse them. They make them think it is ok for people to ruler each other, they make them think that it is ok that people use money for dealing with each other and they make them think that it is ok to make slaves of each other. As people do these things community spirit breaks down and brotherhood ends and then people become individuals and groups based upon those personal interests instead of the goals Allah set for them and guidelines he gave them to live by. This is how these people make lawful what is made unlawful by Allah and they make unlawful what is made lawful by Allah. In other words rulers make laws in their favour against masses so that these laws help them use and abuse masses. Money lenders back such people to become rulers and mullahs who bring about laws that further their interests at the expense of masses and the same is done by mullahs. This is how these people invent tricks and mechanisms to use and abuse masses with help of each other in order to keep masses confused. This is why these people do not allow education and free thinking because they know if masses became educated them they will lose their positions of power in human societies because masses will go for community life and will prefer to live as a brotherhood of humanity. This is why these people keep people divided through funding different religions and sects and political parties and groups as well as various economic systems. Not each and everything is done consciously by each and every person in the world but that once a way of doing things is put in place by people in power and it becomes adopted by masses then people just live by it instead of questioning its legitimacy. This continues till problems caused by it start surfacing and keep on increasing that a large past of masses becomes affected them people rise up against it and try to bring changes but then it is too little and too late because random actions only lead to bloodshed and harm and destruction with little change in actual way of doing things. To bring a big meaningful change needs guidance of Allah and people are not familiar with it so they do not know what to do and how to do it. This is why bloody revolutions keep happening and will continue to happen till most of the people become really familiar with actual teachings of their scriptures.


                • 31) So O ideological children of Adam! Hold onto what gives you blissful, dignified and secure existence in each and every constitutional institution or kingdom by taking part in learning, thinking and doing things according to it so that you do not end up misusing His provisions, surely He supports not any people who misuse His provisions.

                  Word ZEENAH is from root ZAA, YAA and NOON. Concrete meaning of this root is to make use of things in such ways through expression of personal creativity that draws only praises and admiration from those who look at it. Also to look adorable or beautiful, to appear highly useful in being or in action or both, To make something look good; useful or beautiful, ornaments, jewellery, decorations, festival, to present oneself or something else in a beautiful way, to make things look good, useful or beautiful, to rank, to dignify, to arrange things beautifully or in an adorable way, to set-up or do things that make world look beautiful or adorable, to set-up or do things in a way that makes them look beautiful or adorable, to make oneself alluring, to adorn oneself, to make seemingly fair, treasures, valuables, something that makes life blissful; dignified and secure, something that unites mankind and helps them be peaceful, something that helps mankind progress and be prosperous, something that takes away attention of people from other things to itself, the world, the personal gains, vested interests, religion, a beautiful way of life etc etc.

                  In this verse the Quran is telling mankind to make sure that they stick with guidance of Allah and bring about for themselves a beautiful world by using things that are provided to mankind properly. If people set-up proper kingdoms and institutions and run them properly then in due course a beautiful world is bound to come about is promise of Allah. After all you get what you work for and you do not get what you do not work for.

                  32) Say, who dares to declare unlawful in the name of Allah for any of the people the right to use things in a way to have blissful, dignified and secure existence which Allah brought forth for His human creatures as a provision for their well being? Say, they are for those who commit to working for unity, peace, progress and prosperity of mankind as livelihood for life as it is at present but especially for them for the time when rule based upon guidance of Allah will become fully established. That is how We make Our set goals and provided guidelines clear for people who make efforts to learn and understand them properly so that they carry them out faithfully.

                  33) Say, my Creator and Sustainer has forbidden harmful and destructive participation only- by some against the others for personal gains that ends up involving the whole human community in doom and gloom regardless any such act is carried out by anyone in public or in private -and rebellion against the kingdom based upon His guidance without any justification as well as to attribute any other way of life to Allah for which He has sent no proof and saying things about Allah about which one has no information or understanding.

                  Here Allah is condemning rulers, mullahs, money lenders, their touts and supporters wholesale and tells mankind that no law by anyone should be taken as proper who forbids what Allah tells people to have or to do or who makes lawful what Allah forbids people to have or to do. The rule is made clear as explained already what should be taken as lawful and why and what should be taken as unlawful and why. This verse also makes it very clear that law of Allah will only become effective if people will spread the message and gain support for a proper human community which then should bring about the kingdom in which laws of Allah are enforced for the well being of mankind. One cannot live by law of Allah when there is no real state for people who want to live by law of Allah. So one can see stupidity of mullahs who think ummah does not need any place to live by law of Allah. This is because mullahs take Islam as a make belief system with useless rituals. Even these make beliefs and rituals are going to cause problems for mankind because they interrupt human daily lives. By living by make beliefs and rituals people who claim to be followers of the Quran are making their own lives hell as well as of those who live with them but are nonMuslims. So following rulers, mullahs and money lenders is not going to be easy as human population increases and poverty with it and some people rise and up and force others to change their ways. Humanity is gradually moving towards a major clash between interests of rulers, money lenders and mullahs and the masses. Only time will tell what is going to be the outcome of this clash if it really happens but rulers, mullahs and money lenders may change their minds when push comes to shove.

                  34) For each nation there is a fixed term governed by setup universal systems and laws of Allah and that is why the end of their term can neither be delayed for a moment nor can it be brought about earlier.

                  Verses like this one, explain how universe is set up to work so that people become aware of it and do things accordingly to get the results they wish to get. Make beliefs and useless rituals will not render results that people desire rather they must work for what they need or want out of life. If you do not work for what you want then you do not get it. Also you get what you work for and not something else, that is why if you sow wheat you do not end up reaping plums.

                  35) So O children of Adam! Whenever there come to you messengers from among you proclaiming to you My set goals for you as well as provided guidelines those who will become consistent with them in their thoughts and actions will have nothing to worry about or to regret.

                  This Adam is not prophet Adam but the father of human species hence one can replace here word AADAM with humanity. The other point is, these messengers are not necessarily people chosen by Allah directly for his mission but ordinary people who have been passed on missionary responsibility by their God sent messengers to carry on with their mission till the end of time. In other words such verses do not mean continuation of messenger-ship or prophethood from Allah. It is because there is no mention of any new book or messenger from Allah after the Quran and prophet Muhammad as was usually the case when prophethood continued.

                  36) However those who will reject Our goals and guidelines instead of becoming consistent with them seeking dominance over each other by trying to undermine each other for personal gains in due course will end up consumed by fire of hatred among themselves and they will remain in that state of existence unless and until they turn to Our guidance and reform accordingly.

                  The Quran keeps repeating that it is some people from among mankind themselves who misinterpret and misrepresent divine message for personal gains at the expense of proper human community. Is it then any problem to identify such people who they are? Of course not , because people who seek dominance over others to enslave them in different ways for their own ends are obvious to everyone who has a bit of awareness of what is going on in the world. These people are not hidden from public view rather they are flashy people who laugh at rest of human community by not being targeted by it for their uses and abuses of it at their will. This is why these people are called shayaateen or Satans (ie leading people who oppose rule based upon guidance of Allah) because they play with human emotions every way they can each and every day. This is why masses must educate each other out of this situation and bring change to their world for the better. Dominant people try their best to deny everything to masses from education to dignified life or even death. By denying people access to divine program they deny them their rights by keeping them ignorant about their God given rights. Since people are ignorant about their God given rights they do not stand up for themselves to demand these rights of their rulers. So no matter what education of masses has to be priority if for people who wish to change the world for the better.

                  37) Who can be more harmful and destructive than the one who invents lies against Allah or rejects living for His set goals according to His provided guidelines? Such are the people for whom the forewarning in the scripture becomes a reality as outcome of their thoughts and actions. This keeps on happening till there come to them Our missionaries to fulfil to them Our forewarning in full while asking them, where are those rulers, priests and money lenders according to whose way of life based upon personal gains at the expense of each other you lived your lives instead of living by way of life advised by Allah? Their reply to them is, they have led us to this chaos and confusion and that is how they bear evidence against themselves and their rulers, priests and money lenders that they have indeed lived their lives in opposition to way of life advised by Us.


                  • Each time one reads a verse saying people attribute lies to Allah, one has to stop and ask the question, what is this lie Allah is talking about? It is lie of religions ie rulers, mullahs and money lenders together have created a way of life in form of religions and secularisms in order to confuse people and thereby divide them and rule them like donkeys. All religions are makes beliefs and useless rituals invented by mullahs but attributed to scriptures which are actually scriptures about how people are supposed to live their lives properly in this world as a proper human community as already explained. All such verses in all the scriptures condemn rulers, priests and money lenders as liars and tricksters who mislead mankind to use and abuse them for their own ends. This is how the Quran helps people understand what is written in other scriptures in the world.

                    38) So they are told by Our missionary team, now face the similar results of your thoughts and actions as of those harmful and destructive parities who passed away before you from among rulers, priests, money lenders, their touts and supporters who lived their lives on basis of personal gains at the expense of each other and ended up destroyed through mutual hatred and strife. Each and every party that enters way of life based upon personal gains at the expense of each other ends up inflicting harms and destructions upon each other and upon any party that lives the same way. That is the way they carry on living one after the other till all of such parties join together in adopting the very same way of life that leads them to terrible state of existence and that is how each of them that comes after the one before it expresses its rage against the one before it saying to Our missionary team, our keeper! These people have led us away from the way of life advised by Allah therefore double their painful suffering. So they are told, it is double for all of you who deserve it because you are a people who decided to remain ignorant of goals and guidelines of Allah and did what you were warned against.

                    In some verses of the Quran word RABB is not used for Allah but others eg parents, guardians, teachers, care takers, captors or prison guards etc as well. In these verses a situation is mentioned which occurs when kingdom based upon guidance of Allah becomes a reality and administrators of this kingdom take actions against people who use and abuse their people to free them of their use and abuse. If people adhere to message and join the community then fine but if it comes to use of force then people responsible for wrong doing are captured and punished for their crimes against humanity. So the dialogues in these verses are of that nature.

                    39) That is why each predecessor community says to its successor, you have not done any better than us so you too taste the consequences for your own harmful and destructive actions.

                    In our world people see what their earlier and later generations are doing because many a time there are seven generations of people present in the world all at the same time. It is therefore possible for them to be critical of each other. Children can see what wrongs their parents’, grandparents’ and great grandparents’ generations did and parents can also see what wrongs the generations of their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren are doing and where all of them are ending up. Just as bad parents curse their children for their harmful and destructive actions so the bad children also curse their parents for not bringing them up sensibly and so the story goes. The only way to end this cycle of mutual hatred and strife is to change mindsets, attitudes and behaviours of human generations through self awareness and study of real world realities in light of divine message.

                    40) Surely those who reject abiding by Our set goals according to provided guidelines and instead try to dominate each other by undermining each other for personal gains, ways to accomplishing higher objectives do not open for them so they can never achieve state of existence required of them unless and until they go through complete transformation of mindset, attitude and behaviour to be consistent with Our advised way of life. That is how Our set-up systems and laws confront those who think and act against Our advised way of life.

                    Word YALIJA is from root WOW, LAAM and JEEM. Concrete meaning of this root is to enter something in some sense. Also to entre gradually, to enter gradually, to enter into some tight place, to enter a difficult situation or a set of circumstances, to rely on something or someone, to have confidence in something or someone, land depression, valley, cave, door, entrance, doorway, to cause to enter, close friend, associate, to penetrate, to enter an agreement, to enter a friendship, to enter a state or condition, to raise a phenomenon, to make something happen, to change state or condition or phenomenon, to enter a mood, to enter a state of mind; attitude or behaviour etc etc.

                    Word JAMALU is from root JEEM, MEEM and LAAM. Concrete meaning of this root is something highly useful; durable and beautiful. Also something highly valuable, something that lasts, something that is adorable, camel, grace, beauty, elegance, to adorn, to make beautiful, to have good character, to be kindly, to ask nicely, to treat well, group or party of people, sentence, to add together, total, entirety, thick rope, gracious, generous, amicable, charitable, free of rancour, free of bitterness, comely, goodly, worthy, fitting, copper, all at once, whole etc etc.

                    Word SAMMI is from root SEEN, MEEM and MEEM. Concrete meaning of this root is something that can cause damage or destruction. Also poison, venom, pollutant, corrupting, to have harmful effect or influence, to diminish activity of something, to prevent something from action, pore of the body, very small hole, eye of the needle, hot, dust-carrying wind, people close to the self, scorching wind, cold wind, hole of the ear or nose, anything light and sharp, body pore, a place of entry into something, something that penetrates something etc etc.

                    Word KHIYAAT is from root KHAA, YAA and TWAA. Concrete meaning of this root is something that links something to something. Also thread, wire, string, rope, chain, to sew, to stitch up, to join things together in some way, to relate things to each other in some way, to connect things together in some way, needle, tailor, tailoring, streak, line , thick rope, to join things, colour, party, a line or mark or smear or band differentiated by colour of texture from its surroundings, an inherent contrasting quality, a stretch, an unbroken series, to rush, to run naked in public, a trace, a flash leaving a visible line or after effect, to do something rapidly or suddenly or quickly etc etc.

                    Here it is made very clear that so long as people will not learn about proper way of living their lives in this world and deny each other access to proper information and its proper understanding, the world will not become a great place because so many people will not be able to participate in it to make it a the best possible place. It is because a lot of manpower will be wasted doing things any other way due to mutual hatred and strife. If two people will keep fighting each other for dominance than when will they have time to do what they really need to do to make progress and be prosperous? So finding way to unity for peace is absolutely essential for mankind to begin with so that humanity could unite and put in place other useful programs that help it progress and prosper, so one can see where the Quran wants to lead mankind. By adopting any other way of life people become stuck in rivalries therefore in animosities that lead to mutual hatred and wars.

                    41) Due to adopting harmful and destructive ways of life they become stuck in life of painful suffering that envelops them from the start to the finish. That is how We make those who inflict harms and destructions upon each other against Our program, constitution and law face the results of their actions.


                    • These verses are talking about slow process of learning as explained already whereby people drag each other kicking and screaming for change instead of educating themselves and moving ahead of time by preparing for things to come in advance. If people were not made to face the results of their own actions then mankind could not have learned anything to change things for the better because then they will have no reason to make them change their ways and those who still fail are eliminated by laws of nature. In other words main motivation for change comes from fear of what is going to keep on happening if things are not changed for the better ie people will get what they do not want or they will not get what they want. It is because people make mistakes and see the results of their actions that help them do better next time. However, this only works for people who think properly because their standard by which they live is based upon observation of realities of real world. People who fall victims to make beliefs and useless rituals never come out that state of mind because they assume they are right and what is happening to them ought to happen to them because that is the way their creator and sustainer wants things to happen. This is how mullahs program or indoctrinate people in order to make them do harmful and destructive things against each other in the name of God by making those acts look as good deeds worth huge rewards. This is why religions and mullahs are very dangerous people and the real dangerous people behind all this are rulers who are put in place by money lenders. This is why secular democracy is not a good way to adopt for living because it is based upon power struggle between people and whenever and wherever there is element of power struggle between people some try to dominate others by trying to undermine each other and that leads humanity downhill through a downward spiral based upon tit for tat thoughts and actions. This is why only proper education and training for living in this world can get mankind into frame of mind that is needed for bringing about a blissful, dignified and secure existence.

                      42) On the contrary those who commit to working for unity, peace, progress and prosperity of mankind and work hard to remove rifts from between people to unite them for peace, progress and prosperity of mankind We never burden them with responsibility of goals and guidelines but for increasing their chances for greater accomplishments, because such are the people who can bring about the kingdom based upon Our guidance for their blissful, dignified and secure existence wherein they can abide for as long as they live.

                      43) That is how We remove whatever ills they have in their minds against one another. Rivers of love, respect and livelihood flow between them because they express through their character and conduct that sovereignty truly belongs to Allah who provided us with guidance to accomplish all this, because we could never have achieved all this had Allah not guided us. The messengers of our Creator and Sustainer surely came to us with the true plan that we were able to turn into reality. That is how they will hear some people saying to others among them, this is the blissful, dignified and secure life providing kingdom which you have inherited because of your own hard works.

                      44) The people in blissful kingdom will call out to the dwellers on way of life that lands them into life of painful suffering saying, we have indeed found the promise of our Creator and Sustainer fulfilled, have you too found the promise of your Creator and Sustainer fulfilled? Yes, they will answer and a crier among them will reply, the universal set-up systems and laws of Allah that govern the existence and operation of the universe always keep away those who inflict harms and destructions upon each other for personal gains at the expense of each other from the blissful, dignified and secure life.

                      45) Such as stop people from living their lives the way they are advised by Allah by replacing it with make beliefs and useless rituals. That is because they prevent themselves from knowing about the future effects of their such actions upon them and their coming generations.

                      46) So there is a clear difference between thoughts and actions of these two groups of people. It is because at the heights of excellence in terms of knowledge, character and conduct are to be administrators who are able to recognize all the people capable of working for blissful, dignified and secure existence by their characters and features. They are to welcome those who can work for blissful, dignified and secure existence saying to them, achieving unity, peace, progress and prosperity of mankind depends upon your thoughts and works! They will not have accomplished their objective yet though they will have the true commitment and confidence to do so.

                      This verse is telling mankind a very important things that people with knowledge are the people who should be listen to when decisions are made for community affairs. It is because these people can recognise useful people in the community who should be put in place for running the community affairs of that community so that it could be led to successful life. These people are wise because they look at things and people in light of real world realities for the benefit of human community. They know which people are harmful and destructive for community life, so they will always advise community to keep them in check and out of community affairs just like Iblees was kept in check and out of community affairs by prophet Adam. As soon as some of his people fell victim to opponent of the way of life advised by Allah the kingdom fell apart. So it is of fundamental importance to have the right people for the job who are capable of fulfilling the task. This is why the Quran keeps emphasising importance of education and training before trying to draw any kind of action plan to carry it out. Mullahs have been confusing ummah that is why despite all hard works state of existence of ummah is terrible because people are doing things as told by their rulers, mullahs and money lenders. The day people start understanding the message of the Quran themselves independent of mullahs, they will come out of confusion and be able to draw an action plan and be able to carry it out in due course.

                      47) It is because when their eyes based on wisdom through life experience and revelation will turn towards the people who work for making their lives hell for themselves and others they will say, our Creator and Sustainer! Do not make us a part of these people who inflict harms and destructions upon each other for personal gains at the expense of each other by transgressing against Your advised way of life for human community.

                      48) That is why people at the heights of excellence will call out to certain people among them whom they will recognize by their features saying, have you found out that neither your use and abuse of each other through wealth, power and indoctrination nor through your having positions of influence over people have availed you?


                      • 49) Are the people who have brought about a blissful, dignified and secure life providing kingdom for themselves not the very same people about whom you used to swear that Allah will never bestow His blessings upon them in form of unity, peace, progress and prosperity? So enter you too the way of life advised by Allah that leads to blissful, dignified and secure life so that you too have nothing to worry about or to regret.

                        50) So the people working towards life of painful suffering and destruction will call out to those working towards life of unity, peace, progress and prosperity of mankind saying, give us some drink of heavenly knowledge or some food for thought that Allah has provided you with so that we too could get out of our misery into a blissful, dignified and secure life. They will say, Allah has certainly let both of these things slip away from the reach of people who have not learned from their life experiences and who have opposed way of life advised by Him,

                        51) such people as took their harmful ambitions and destructive desires for the way of life as make beliefs and useless rituals which proved deceptive for them in contrast to Our set goals and provided guidelines for living their lives in this world properly. That is why We let them fail in making progress at the time of outcome of their thoughts and actions just as they failed to see coming about of this situation in time if they continued along the path they chose for themselves in form of separation between rule based upon guidance of Allah and the kingdom through invention of religion. All this happened because they ignored proper study of Our revealed goals and guidelines and argued against them senselessly.

                        Very strong condemnation of separation between right of Allah to rule his kingdom and the kingdom by people who had the ambition to rule others ie the rulers, mullahs and money lenders. Word LAHW stands for make beliefs and word LAIBAA stand for useless religious rituals and ceremonies held by state regimes whereby rulers are put on thrones to rule the masses to use and abuse them for their own personal goals. Allah is never against ideas or creativity of people nor what they do to make their world beautiful for each other because that is why he revealed the Quran. Here he is condemning something that replaces his advised way of life and that is religion and the ideology of people ruling people through personal power or money power or make belief based power etc etc.

                        52) Surely We sent for them a book in which We detailed things based upon Our knowledge of things as a guidance towards blissful, dignified and secure life for those who commit to working for unity, peace, progress and prosperity of mankind.

                        53) So, what are these people waiting for other than the yet worse results of their own terrible thoughts and actions? When the time for results of their thoughts and actions comes upon any people those who have been disregarding it end up saying, surely the messengers of our Creator and Sustainer did come with a mission set out for them that turns into reality in due course. So are there any interveners now who could intervene on our behalf or is there a way we could be sent back in time so that we do not do as we have done before. In fact, such people are lost in themselves and the things they invent against way of life advised by Allah leave them in the lurch.

                        Word TAWEELAH is from root ALIF, WOW and LAAM. Concrete meaning of this root is to make proper sense of something. Also to explain, to interpret, to expand in detail, to infer or imply or deduce, returning or resorting or reverting or referring to, to reduce something to something, to hail from, to precede, to go first or to be first or foremost, to process, reference, to deduce significance of an ambiguous text, consequences or outcome or end result, realisation or coming true or fulfilment of some thought or word, effect, people or folk or family or dependents or followers or household, first or previous or former or earlier, past people or generations, to come back to, original, real, estimation, evaluation, to be responsible for, to take responsibility for, to rule, to become a ruler or care taker, to become guardian or manager or organiser of a people, the first most or the last most etc etc.

                        54) Surely your Creator and Sustainer is Allah Who planned and designed as well as originated and evolved all the galaxies including this galaxy in successive stages and by this right He claimed and established His sovereignty over the kingdom of the universe. He causes the phenomenon of night and day by way of a complex mechanism whereby each seeks the other in rapid succession and likewise through His set-up systems and laws He made subservient to His plan the sun and the moon as well as the stars. Be aware that to originate things and set them tasks is only and only His right and responsibility alone. Blessed is Allah with such capabilities and rights as well as responsibilities the Creator and Sustainer of all the nations in the world.

                        Word SITTA has two roots SEEN, TAA and TAA as well as SEEN, DAAL and SEEN. Concrete meaning of this root means six or sixth or sixty or a starting point in time as oppose to finishing time. Also a simple state of existence of something that evolves or develops with time into a complex or sophisticated thing, a tapered process or thing or state that gets better or worse with time, dark days that gradually become bright with time, time period of ignorance that changes into time period of knowledge gradually with time, a sound that results as a result of regressive assimilation between the sound, echo, imitation, reflection, repetition of something with decreased or increased amplitude or magnitude, sympathetic response, consequence or repercussion, a ramp or something like a ramp in some sense, slope etc etc.

                        Word YATLUB is from root TWAA, LAAM and BAA. Concrete meaning of this root is to go after something. Also to seek, to search for, to set out, to pursue, to request, prospecting, to petition for, something sought after, the wanted, the desired, suitor, eagle, to hunt for, bird of prey, succeed, to be a successor, to follow etc etc.

                        Word HASEESAA is from root HAA, SAA and SAA. Concrete meaning of this root is to urge something to move on. Also to motivate or inspire something to do something, to spur on, to be fast, energetic, agitation, continuous movement, motion swift or brisk or rapid, to make something move on fast or constantly, cyclic motion, rotation, a movement involving going round and round, something that is part of mechanical process or movement mechanism, the process of continuous change in physical position of an object, operation or function, formal proposal, an application made for a ruling, mental impulse, to start something to work, melodic ascent and descent of pitch, excrement, the evacuation of the bowels, the capacity for movement etc etc.

                        55) So invite mankind wisely and sincerely to way of life advised by your Creator and Sustainer O people because He support not those who go against His set limits,

                        56) therefore conspire not to create rifts and wars between people in the world after rifts between mankind have been removed instead refer to and rely upon His set-up systems and laws regarding all matters that worry you or you desire. Surely the blissful, dignifying and life securing program revealed by Allah will always make possible to do so for those who seek to create a beautiful world for themselves as a community.

                        57) That is why He sends through His set-up systems and laws winds bearing water vapour as good news of His blessings for mankind. Until they become heavy clouds which We move along to a dead land and make the rain fall upon it and bring forth all kinds of fruits and growth thereby. Likewise We raise the nations that are dead back to life through rain of heavenly revelation so that you the mankind become a people who learn things properly and remind each other to do the same.

                        The revealed message of Allah is called heavenly because it draws attention of people to higher goals in life than just living and dying like animals.

                        58) The soil prepares well according to program of Allah yields rich produce but the soil left unattended a barren land yields nothing but poor produce. That is how We explain Our goals and guidelines for mankind so that they could become a people who make proper use of things for their own well being.

                        These verses need to be interpreted in wider context of all kinds of developments and progress eg biological, psychological and sociological etc etc. They have political, social, cultural and economic implications for mankind as explained already.

                        59) Indeed We sent Noah to his people and he said to them, O my people! Serve program, constitution and law of Allah because there is no ruler for you save Him. This I say because the way you live your lives, I fear for you the coming of time of harm and destruction upon you as a result of your own course of actions.

                        60) The state and religious chiefs of his nation said, surely we see that you are in manifest error.

                        61) He replied, O my people! I am not in error on the contrary I am a messenger from the Creator and Sustainer of the nations of the world.

                        62) I am appointed to deliver the message of my Creator and Sustainer to give you a friendly advice for I am made aware by Allah about something that you do not know.

                        63) Do you wonder that there has come to you a message from your Creator and Sustainer through a man from among yourselves to forewarn you so that you become consistent with rule based upon guidance of Allah for the benefit of human community by receiving His blissful, dignifying and life securing program, constitution and law and acting upon it?


                        • 64) But they denied all that he told them so We saved him and all who were with him in the same boat and let the rest destroy themselves who refused to live for Our set goals according to Our provided guidelines. Surely they were a crowd of deaf, dumb and blind people.

                          65) Likewise for people of Aad We sent their brother Hood who said to them, O my people! Establish the rule based upon guidance of Allah because you have no ruler other than Him. Will you then not be consistent with Him as well as each other for your own well being?

                          66) The political and religious chiefs of his nation who opposed his message said, we can see that you are crazy and we think that you are lying.

                          Note the most important point in this verse ie who are the people who are arguing against prophet Hood? They are tribal chiefs, wealthy people from among the tribes and their priests. In other words all top leadership is one in opposing the message delivered by Hood. Since leaders are opposing the message their followers are also doing the same as blind followers of their leaders. This does not mean there are no sensible people among these people but they are not very many and this is what makes work of the messenger of Allah much more difficult. The basic danger is that messenger of Allah is treated as a traitor by his community leadership because he does not accept their way of life and challenges them for a change by giving up a lot of advantages they have over their masses. The whole argument between the parties is basically about coming back to deen of Allah by giving up mazhab or religion or make beliefs and useless rituals.

                          67) He replied, O my people, I am not crazy on the contrary I am a messenger from the Creator and Sustainer of all the nations in the world.

                          68) I am conveying the message of my Creator and Sustainer to you and I am a well wisher and sincere adviser for you towards blissful, dignified and secure life.

                          69) Or are you surprised that a message from your Creator and Sustainer has come to you through one of your own men to forewarn you about the consequences of living the way you do for fulfilling your needs and wants? Remember that He made you successors after the people of Noah and gave you a tall stature among nations or best status compared to other people till you remained on His path. Therefore learn and spread goals and guidelines that you have received from Allah, so that you could develop, progress and prosper again as you once did.

                          This verse is telling these people that you were once upon a time a great people because you followed the way of life that was advised by Allah and you can do it again if you do the very same again. You should not be surprised that a human being has come to you as a messenger of Allah because the messenger who left you with the book of Allah was also a human being from among the people themselves. So if you want a blissful, dignified and secure existence then learn the message and do as it says and spread it for the well being of other people also.

                          70) They replied, have you come to us with the demand that we abide by rule based upon guidance of Allah alone and give up those rulers whom our forefathers have been serving? Well, bring us what you are threatening us with if what you say is true!

                          People instead of trying to understand the message respond in an arrogant way due to their domineering mindset, attitude and behaviour. The message is that if you will not change your way of doing things then you are going to end up in trouble in due course just like people of Noah before. The reply is bring upon us the troubles you are talking about. One can see that these people have been programmed by priesthood that any person who claims to be from God has to be a supernatural being or with supernatural powers who can do anything he wants. So this person who is claiming to be a messenger from Allah is not really a messenger of Allah because if he really was then he will be able to do what we are asking him to do. Since this person cannot do what we ask therefore he is a false claimant of messengership from Allah. This is exactly what scientists and philosophers and political scientists and social scientists and all others are doing even today ie they are deciding each and everything based upon the assumptions they have been instilled by mullahs about God and scriptures. By doing this they think they can defeat God not realising the impact of their stupidity upon humanity in the real world. Instead of killing mullaism and religions they are trying to kill the actual message of the scriptures. A clear proof what is taught in educational institutions as education ie stuff to brainwash people to remain slaves of rulers, mullahs and money lenders. The real education will be about self awareness and about awareness of universal realities and on top of that research should have been carried out on what scriptures really teach in their actual texts in their proper contexts. Teaching stuff invented by mullahs and attributing to the scriptures is not real work on the scriptures but a nonsense of such researches. Shame on such people who think of themselves as scholars of scriptures and those who accept their nonsense and those who fund them.

                          71) Hud said, you have already fallen in pain and suffering by going against the rule based upon guidance of your Creator and Sustainer. Are you disputing with me over personalities which you and your forefathers have erected and taken as rulers about whom being authority Allah has revealed no proof? So if you will then wait for yet more serious consequences for your course of actions I too will wait along with you.

                          Once a people go off the track and refuse to educate themselves about things then the only choice parties have is to wait and see what happens as time goes on but the problem with that is, meanwhile humanity keeps on suffering and when troubles actually break out then retracing steps back from the brink of destruction is unlikely to work. So it is not a good idea to wait for that time. Moreover people are not supposed to take people as Gods because that is what personality cult is all about. People just take certain people as idols and they worship them thereby down grade themselves. If anyone is good then that is good and his reward rests with Allah and all people can do is acknowledge such a person for what he did for the well being of humanity but in no way such a person should be thought of as something supernatural or with supernatural powers. That is where people cross the limit and then start seeking help of such people regarding fulfilling of their needs even after such people have passed away. This is not how the Quran explains what deen means in the Quranic context. It is not wrong to help each other fulfil needs of each other because that is what deen based upon the Quran is all about but the way the Quran tells mankind to do so is by way of uniting and working together as a team. By following mullahs people have totally lost sense of how they ought to live their lives so that all needs of each and every person can be fulfilled. The Quran condemns all other way of life as wrong because they cannot fulfil needs of each and every person.

                          72) At length We saved him and his companions through their actions according to Our set goals and provided guidelines and We let cut off the roots of those who opposed Our goals and guidelines themselves and denied others their rights and access to Our message and other provisions because they did not commit to working for unity, peace, progress and prosperity of mankind.

                          In all these past stories the same idea is repeated that if people will live by rule based upon guidance of Allah then end results of their actions will benefit them ie they will have unity, peace, progress and prosperity as a proper human community but if they refuse and do as they like then results of their actions will only and only land them into hellhole of their own making. They will remain in that state till they come to guidance of Allah and reform or die away. These verses challenge mankind to prove otherwise if they can. The truth is it is not possible for any nation to avoid consequences of its own actions. Allah never destroys any nation is also clear from these verses. If anything he warns people well in time not to be stupid and use your heads and senses properly and don’t act like animals deaf, dumb and blind thinking we are too clever we cannot be victims of our own actions. People need to realise from these verses that these people are mostly descendents of past generations that were already guided but after some generations they became derailed from the right path and were sent messengers to put them back on same track that they followed but they became so ignorant and stupid that they saw no sense in what they were told by their messengers. So it is always necessary to take interest in learning and teaching things which matter for mankind as a community. People must always learn how to build themselves into nations that are beneficial for mankind as a whole. Once people become ignorant about nation building the humanity becomes lost. This is a good standard to measure number of knowledgeable people in communities.


                          • As for existence of God, this is not a normal case of claim and evidence so it should not be looked at in that context. Here case is very different because we are looking for a cause outside natural causes. Our first hurdle is we are born ignorant and it takes a few decades at least to become self aware and aware of real world realities and to understand existence of ultimate reality is yet more difficult thing to do for us. Since we are not all aware at any stage of our lives therefore we can never be in a position to claim there is no God. Why not? Because each time we learn something new it does not lead us to knowledge that there is no God. Even being reasonable we are not in a position to claim there is no God because reason does not lead to that conclusion either. No matter what atheists claim there is no God because they assume without actually studying the scriptures in their original texts in their proper contexts that they are wrong because they contain so many mistakes in them. Almost all their claims about scriptures are false because they use interpretations by mullahs. The day people who have sense study the scriptures in their original texts in context they will come to realise that scriptures do support each other to a great extent and what priests attribute to the scriptures is almost all false and creation of their own baseless imaginations. To disprove existence of God reasonably we need to show that anything that does not exist already can come into existence all by itself, can we? We need to show that anything that exists can activate itself, can we? We need to show that anything that exists and can activate itself can also design itself into numberless patterns or forms that we see all around us, can we? Therefore all this needs something already existing and that thing has to be an intelligent being well capable of doing things that we see happening all around us.

                            The other thing to note is existence of a book ie the Quran, we need to come up with arguments solid enough that could prove that the Quran is a human work. Let me now come to another point which is, some of us human beings claim that God does not exist because we can explain how each and everything came about or works. This is a false way of looking at it because if we go into detail of things then we will find that there are a lot of things about which we are not yet sure how they came about or happened even in the natural world. I accept that one day we will be able to explain things a lot better but will that lead to proof that there is no God? No, not at all. It is because as we will study things with time more and more things will be found falling in line with the explanation already given in the Quran. Let me try and explain the point I am trying to make. My point is that a person invents or builds something and does not tell others how he did it. Now other people start looking into it and start figuring out how that thing has been build and works and one day they discover all the secrets as to how someone built that thing, does knowing how thing was built and works eliminate its creator? No. Likewise even if we become aware of all we can yet the question will remain, did this whole thing pop into existence and working the it does all by itself?

                            Then we have a book that explains its origin and purpose, in fact the whole plan, all these like points tell us that we have yet a lot to learn before we could even try to justify the idea of no God. What people need to understand is the fact that what we call education is not truly education but a process of brainwashing of mankind by ruling elite, priestly class and money lenders through their touts and supporters. It is a process of massive scale misinformation to cause chaos and confusion so that these people could continue their rule so that deen of Allah may not become a reality for as long as they can keep things that way. Mullahs always led this campaign because this is first line of attack on deen of Allah and his scripture. Once deen is eliminated by putting mazhab in place then all the rest follows. People are not growing up to try and see overall picture or context of things. It is therefore of vital importance to ask the question, What is deen? It is based upon goals set by Allah for humanity to accomplish according to his provided guidelines. The whole idea is to spread the message of brotherhood and organise humanity into a united human community using the Quran as a program for accomplishing the set goals as a community based upon the Quran as its constitution and its law to regulate it. The idea is to bring humanity together as a single family in order to manage human population and resources for production and distribution of goods and services for unity, peace, progress and prosperity of mankind. This is why the Quran challenges mankind to bring a better way of life than the one told about in the Quran, if you can then you have disproved the Quran and you are free to do as you please. However it also tells us in advance that we can never do that even if we all joined together. Can one therefore see why the Quran claims that it has solutions for all the problems humanity will ever face? It is because it puts mankind on a track that leads to unity, peace, progress and prosperity of mankind. This is why once you are on that track you will come to know problems and be able to solve them also. Therefore people must get to know the Quran and other scriptures in light of real world realities and see what they get.

                            73) For the people of Thamud We sent their brother Saaleh who said to them, O my people! Establish the rule based upon guidance of Allah because you have no ruler other than Him. Surely a clear proof has come to you from your Creator and Sustainer, this foundation of Allah in form of a program for your recovery to be as you once were when you used to follow His guidance, so let it rule freely in the land of Allah and approach it not with harmful and destructive intentions for using and abusing each other in case you end up in grip of painful suffering through inflicting harms and destructions upon each other.

                            Word NAAQAH is from root NOON, WOW and QAAF. Concrete meaning of this root is something that is cable of carrying burden or something that can provide some solid foundation for something. This is why this root has meaning of beast of burden or she-camel or something elegant, something that is pleasant to look at, something that makes something amicable or dainty, a way of requital or repayment or compensation, something nice or solid or pure, something that is detailed etc etc.

                            Divine revelation is capable of providing mankind with solid foundation for basing their way of life upon hence it is called NAAQAH because it is a program, a constitution and a law all in one.

                            74) So remember how you were made to succeed Aad by settling in their land capable of building mansions in the valleys and carving out homes in the mountains. Therefore strive hard to learn and spread the message of Allah instead of spreading divisions and wars in the land by working against each other.

                            75) The dominant political and religious people from his nation asked the oppressed and submissive masses among them who had committed themselves to working for unity, peace, progress and prosperity of mankind; do you know if Saleh has been really sent as a messenger by his Creator and Sustainer? They replied, we have truly committed to working for unity, peace, progress and prosperity of mankind on the basis of guidance with which he has been sent.

                            Here it should be noticed that when chiefs ask people about prophethood of Saaleh they instead talk about the message he is sent with. A proof that deen is not based upon persons but the message from Allah. This is why the Quran asks people in case of last messenger that if he dies or his mission fails to become a reality in his life time will you then turn back from the deen he is sent with. Messengers from Allah and their missionary followers do not matter when it comes to continuation of deen of Allah because people die away and leave behind the message of Allah for continuation of missionary struggle. So message of Allah is the important thing for people to learn and live by and spread it.

                            76) The people in position of power and influence among them said, we reject and oppose all that on basis of which you have committed to working for unity, peace, progress and prosperity of mankind.

                            77) That is how they blocked the way to implementation of rule based upon guidance of Allah and defied the sovereignty of their Creator and Sustainer and challenged Saaleh saying, bring the destruction you have warned us about if you truly are of the messengers.

                            This is repeated in the Quran that each time a people were told to behave properly with each other as a good human community, the dominant people in a community always opposed the idea of community spirit, they always went for ruling others to use and abuse them at will for personal gains. This worked for each nation for a time but then as corruption, use and abuse spread widely the communities ended up destroyed by hands of each other. Not only that but as a community became weak through internal strives the outsiders found it easier target and enslaved it as well. So people who do not live by community spirit soon become victims of their own ways of life because their own masses rise up against them and so people who think they are immoveable are over thrown in no time and trampled under feet.

                            78) At length the uprising took them by surprise thus new era dawned in their institutions under their jurisdiction uprooting their rule.

                            79) That is why at length Saaleh moved away from them saying, O my people! I did indeed convey to you the message of my Creator and Sustainer and gave you a good advice but you love not those who give you advice that is beneficial for a people as a whole.


                            • 80) Moreover We sent Lot who said to his people at the time, why do you approach life in a way whereby you take away things of each other for personal gains by inflicting harms and destructions upon each other to such degree that no people before you reached this height of cruelty through inflicting harms and destructions upon each other in the world known to us?

                              Word FAAHISHAH is from root FAA, HAA and SHEEN. As explained already this root means mixing two or more things in such a way that they become diluted so they end up losing their originality or recognition or purity. In the Quranic context this word has meaning of adulteration and the reason is because people who were originally put on right path by their earlier divine messenger over a period of time became distant from the right path because they fell victim to confusion that was created by their people in positions of power eg rulers, priests and moneylenders through misinterpretations and misrepresentations of divine scriptures etc. Since any other way of life people live by lands them in hell of their own making due to their mistreatment of each other this is why any other way of life which is opposite of the way of life advised by Allah for mankind is named FAAHISHAH because it is adopted in place of the proper way of life by mixing truth and falsehood in the name of Allah. This is what religions and religious sects are whereupon people divide humanity to cause troubles for each other. Whenever people create troubles for each other the first victims are weak people among them eg weaker men, women, old folk and children etc.

                              The question to ponder here is, how do people lose the right way of life? It is because Islamic way of life is an open way of life for all people to enter into. Since it gives people a good life to begin with, so it falls victim to its own success when the rest of the world is yet living by other ways of life that lead them to hell of their own making. Once hell breaks loose they try to escape it by looking for somewhere better to settle in. That is how people move in a rush to an Islamic state if there is one and because Muslim community is only a small community compared to rest of humanity, it is quickly swamped by new entrants educating whom to bring them up to the standard is not easy. This creates a state of confusion and then others take advantage of this situation and set up themselves as rulers and then put in place priests to secure their rule and then land and property or wealth becomes a means to control people through controlling their livelihood. This way originally established divine kingdom is lost and world is once more thrown back into chaos and confusion by authoritarianism and imperialism. That is how more prophets were raised to put thing right again and again. In those times to preserve divine messages was not easy and nor was it easy to spread them widely. However with time mankind progressed and things became easier bit by bit so much so that today things are very different from what they originally were. This change will continue for many generations yet to come. Human world is not as ignorant as it was once upon a time but there is still a lot that needs to be done to educate everyone throughout the world. Without everyone having education and doing all one can, humanity cannot make progress full speed ahead. So long as humanity lives short of this goal, it cannot attain full prosperity therefore peace in the world. This is why the message of the Quran must be given all necessary attention. So long as humanity will commit excesses with respect to divine message, it will remain stuck in its ways and communities will keep ending in self destructions.

                              Only people who study universal realities and on that basis divine message can succeed in real world. Why? Because when you were born the first thing you learned was how to use your brain and then how to use your senses and then your limbs and rest of body etc. After that you learned to interact with other things in your environment. It shows very clearly that first man must learn real world realities before he can make sense of divine message. The divine message does not teach man basics that man has to learn all by himself and that is why he is given a brain that is capable of self programming like a self programming robot. Man does not need revelation for study of things he can find out for himself by interacting with things within the universal environment. Only things beyond his reach he can learn from divine message. This is why people who do not learn about universal realities do not understand the divine message either. First experience of humanity is use of brain and senses and learning by way of interaction with things through trial and error. How many times one tries to sit and falls as a baby? How many times one tries to catch things but keeps failing till one gets to a stage through a lot of practice that one can catch things? Likewise when man has learned to make sense of things only then he can try his hand at making sense of divine message. Once again it is not a straight forward process. It is because God being God gave mankind his messages as statement of facts but man being man has to make many mistakes before man understands the divine message properly. It is because man learns to better himself each moment of the day in his life. Just like scientists makes many mistakes in trying to understand universal realities so people who try to understand the divine message keep making mistakes because all works ever done on divine message were human works. These works were and are needed to help us one day make proper sense of divine message. So each person who has ever done any work on universal realities or on divine revelations has made contribution towards better and better understanding of them both. Each rung on ladder of human success helps extend the ladder. This is why people who put in place next rung on the ladder of success need encouragement not condemnation.

                              81) You the influential people bring to power people full of harmful and destructive ambitions and desires instead of people who are submissive to way of life advised by Allah, surely you are a people who transgress beyond set limits.

                              82) The influential people of his nation had no reasonable response to his argument but instead they said to their masses, drive these people out of your township because they are a people who are given to the idea of cleaning up your township of things they see wrong in there!

                              83) So We rescued him and all his people from harms and destructions of these people except party of his leading people and their following for this party was of those who regressed to their own destruction beyond rescue.

                              84) because We let loose upon them problems like rain due to their course of actions therefore see what was the end result of actions of those who inflicted harms and destructions upon each other?

                              Each time a population perishes it is due to its own failure in following the right course of actions that raises people to heights of blissful, dignified and secure existence. When a people fail they become surrounded by problems which lead them to dead end.

                              85) Likewise for Madyan We sent their brother Shuaib who said, O my people! Live by the rule based upon guidance of Allah because there is no sovereign other than Him. There has indeed come to you a clear standard from your Creator and Sustainer so fulfil your obligations to each other according to this measuring standard that is properly balanced therefore do not withhold things from the people they are rightfully due and do not cause fights and wars thereby in the land after everything has been set in order. This is for your own benefit if you are really committed to working for unity, peace, progress and prosperity of mankind.

                              86) Therefore do not sit in ambush on every path threatening with animosity and hindering from following the program, constitution and law of Allah those who commit to working for unity, peace, progress and prosperity of mankind thereby seeking to turn it into an unworkable system of make beliefs and useless rituals. Remember how He multiplied you when you were a few in numbers and think also about what was the end of the warmongers and conspirators in nations before you.

                              87) So if there is a group among you who commit to working for unity, peace, progress and prosperity of mankind on the basis of that with which I have been sent with and another group who do not commit to working for unity, peace, progress and prosperity of mankind then be steadfast each of you on your courses of actions respectively until set-up systems and laws of Allah decide the matter between us because He is best of those who decide the issues.

                              88) The people in positions of power in his nation said, O Shuaib! We will certainly drive you and those who have committed to working for unity, peace, progress and prosperity of mankind along with you out of our land or you will have to abide by rules we have in place as our tradition. He replied, What! Will you make us live by your tradition even though we detest it because it is harmful and destructive for our human community?

                              89) We will indeed be attributing a lie to Allah if we accept to abide by your harmful and destructive tradition after Allah has rescued us from it by giving us His own program, constitution and law. So it is not possible for us to return to your way of life rather that is the plan of Allah Our Creator and sustainer for us, and wisdom of our Creator and Sustainer encompasses everything therefore we rely upon set-up systems and laws of Allah. Therefore our Creator and Sustainer! Decide between us and our nation according to whoever is consistent with your guidance, for You are the best to decide matters between people.


                              • This verse shows what is meaning of abiding by law of Allah. It is not about religions or make beliefs and useless rituals but abiding by rule of law sent by Allah. If a people do not struggle to be able to abide by rule based upon guidance of Allah then all their claims about being believers in God are worthless. Not only that but it also makes clear what rule based upon guidance of Allah is. It is fundamentally about struggling for unity, peace, progress and prosperity of mankind through just, fair and compassionate dealing with each other as a brotherhood of humanity. No rivalry, animosity, hatred, cruelty towards each other. Unless people accept to live by this way of life it is not acceptable to Allah and it should not be acceptable to human community either.

                                90) The gang leaders who opposed Our guidance from among his people said to their masses, if you will support Shuaib then you will indeed be of the losers.

                                91) Thereafter in due course the uprising by their victims took them by surprise and the new era in their institutions under their jurisdiction overturned their ruling system.

                                92) Those who called Shuaib a liar were as though they never ruled therein that is how those who called Shuaib a liar ended up being the real losers.

                                The ruling elite, their mullahs and moneylenders think very big of themselves but when masses realise things after they become educated enough to see what is really going on with them and who is doing it then revengefulness takes its course and so nation after nation goes through bloody revolutions after bloody revolutions to bring change in their nations for the better.

                                93) Shuaib left them saying, O my people! I did indeed convey to you the messages of my Creator and Sustainer and I did give you a constructive and beneficial advice sincerely so how can I be sorry for a party of rejecters of rule based upon guidance of Allah and warmongers against it and each other?

                                94) We never sent a prophet to any township but for the reason that We found its people involved in inflicting harms and destructions upon each other for personal gains so that Our guidance helps them learn to become consistent with Our guidance and with each other.

                                95) Then if they did, We changed their rivalry and animosity based harmful and destructive actions into actions based upon brotherhood for their own peace, progress and prosperity through their own hard works according to Our given plan till they became very affluent and said, our forefathers also had their adversity and affluence so it has nothing to do with guidance from Allah. So they went back to working against each other and that is how in time We found them taken by surprise by uprising because they paid no attention to what they were doing to each other as a people because they victimised each other.

                                These verses explain what has been going on in the world ever since humanity came to existence and since Allah revealed his very first message through his very first messenger called Adam. He sent Adam to stop infighting between people and the same message came to the very last messenger called Muhammad and each time a bigger community accepted the message and then went back into inflicting harms and destruction upon each other after its brotherhood came to an end after a while. The message of human brotherhood will become worldwide in due course once humanity loses hope in living its life on basis of rivalries and animosities but so long as it keeps going on the same way there is little chance of guidance of Allah succeeding in convincing people that this is the only way forward for humanity. Only when people get fed up with using and abusing each other that they look for a way out and therefore pay attention to message of unity, peace, progress and prosperity of humanity.

                                96) Had the residents of the townships committed to working for unity, peace, progress and prosperity of mankind and became consistent with Our program, constitution and law and thereby with each other permanently then We will have showered upon them provisions in abundance from the heavens and the earth always but they opposed Our program instead therefore We found them seized by results of their misdeeds every now and then.

                                97) Have then people of any kingdom ever been able to secure themselves against Our forewarned consequences by living against Our guidance by playing lazy?

                                When people turn to make beliefs and useless rituals for solution of their real life problems, they are looking for easy solutions for their problems by avoiding real solutions based upon knowledge and knowledge based actions. Mullahs tell people read such and such verse of the Quran so many times at such and such time and then pray sincerely to Allah and your problems will be solved. This is called misdirection because people are told to look for solutions of their problem in the ways that can never work. When people become victims of make belief indoctrination they lose sense of reality and this is why mullahs and religions are very dangerous. If the verses of the Quran had such solutions of problems for people then since the Quran claims to have solutions of all problems then why is it that we need to go to hospitals for operations of major medical problems? All we could do was sit and read certain verses and problems will be solved. People who become disabled due to accidents and lose their limbs or people who need amputations due to diseases can all be avoided. After all the real world systems and laws as set-up by Allah work all the same for all people ie they do not work for some and not others just because some claim to be Muslims or some claim to be nonMuslims. If verses had similar role in solving problems then it will matter not who reads them they will have same effect and all this will be testable. If anything such solutions should prove more effective for nonMuslims in order to convince them about the truth of the Quranic message. This shows why mullahs do not want Muslims to become educated because then mullahs will lose their business whereby they make so much money from ignorant and foolish people who love to live as victims. So people who live by religions inflict harms and destruction upon each other through set up religious tricks and mechanisms.

                                98) Or have people of any kingdom ever been able to secure themselves against Our forewarned consequences by living against Our guidance by playing crazy?

                                Crazy people are hyperactive people who do hard work for personal gains through set up political and economic tricks and mechanisms whereby they inflict harms and destructions upon their victims. Just as religion takes people down the poverty lane in every sense of the word its own way so secularism takes people down the poverty lane its own way ie people work like mad to make ends meet but most of them still fail because world cannot become great by sitting and praying nor by hard works based upon personal gain at the expense of each other. This is why human community has to be basis for people to come together and work hard with help of each other to complement each other as already explained.

                                99) So after all this explanation do these people of yours still think they can achieve unity, peace, progress and prosperity of mankind without following program, constitution and law of Allah? Not at all, the fact is, no people can achieve unity, peace, progress and prosperity for mankind by ignoring the guidance of Allah other than those who are hell bent on their own destruction.

                                100) In what happened to people before, is it not obvious for those who occupy the earth after its earlier occupants that We do make nations face the results of their own actions that is why We let nations before face the consequences of their own harmful and destructive actions against each other because their minds remained isolated from what We told them so they heeded not Our warnings?

                                101) Such like were the townships whose stories We relate to you and certainly their messengers came to them with revelations based upon clear evidences to guide them but they will not commit to working for unity, peace, progress and prosperity of human community on that basis because their ancestors rejected the guidance earlier so they blindly followed their behaviour. Likewise Allah finds these people who oppose His guidance mentally isolating themselves from His warnings.

                                102) Moreover We did not find most of them true to their claim of commitment to rule based upon Our guidance instead We found most of them were rebellious creating divisions who did things they were told not to do.

                                103) Then at length after them We sent Moses with Our goals and guidelines to Pharaoh and his chiefs but they too treated Our goals and guidelines with contempt so look at what was the end of those who conspired for rifts, fights and wars in the land against Our advice.

                                104) Thus said Moses, O Pharaoh! I am a messenger from the Creator and Sustainer of all the nations in the world,

                                105) responsibility has been placed upon me that I proclaim nothing from Allah save that which is to become a reality in due course. I have come to you with a clear message from your Creator and Sustainer and the message is that you let ideological children of Israel abide by rule based upon His guidance along with me.

                                106) He said, if you have come with any proposal then place it before my counsel if what you claim is worthy of consideration.

                                107) So he placed His program before the full court of Pharaoh for consideration and it clearly moved the counsel.

                                108) That is how he smoothly stripped off the cover of power of Pharaoh to expose reality before people that it amazed even those who were present.

                                109) The chiefs of Pharaoh’s nation said to each other in presence of Pharaoh, this person indeed has great knowledge and skill to transform people and lead them,