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Bangladesh celebrates Bengali New Year 1420

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  • Bangladesh celebrates Bengali New Year 1420

    Bangladeshis from all walks of life are celebrating the Bengali New Year 1420 Sunday.

    The celebration began with sunrise when people wearing new dresses gathered in the main venues around the Dhaka University.

    The entire Bangladesh went into a festive mood at the dawn of the New Year, hoping that the new year would bring peace and prosperity to the country.

    Tens of thousands of people wearing masks and traditional dresses, mostly students of colleges and universities, joined the colourful procession - Mangal Shobha Jatra - to welcome the new year with good spirits.

    During the procession, students from the Dhaka University carried large symbolic figures of bamboo-made owl, tortoise, tiger and elephant.

    Students of the Fine Arts Institute of the university made artifacts featuring rickshaws, ox, dragon, crocodiles, flying birds, warriors on elephant's back, horses and tigers chasing evil spirits.

    Hundreds of artists put their hands together on New Year's eve to paint the walls and the streets in front of the institute with birds, elephants, horses and other animals.

    In Bangladesh, Pahela Baishakh, 14 April, is a national holiday.

    Moguhal Emperor Akbar introduced the Bangla calendar year and the celebration of Pahela Baishakh, marking the advent of Bengali New Year, which is now considered as an integral part of the Bengali's cultural heritage and tradition and a day of merriment.

    The Mughal Dynasty ruled most of the Indian subcontinent for three centuries (1526-1707). greets all its readers a Shubho Noboborsho.

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